Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Story: Musten Kids (Laura Part One)

Let me explain the title of this post... Laura decided to squeeze a few sibling shots in before her big shoot (look for that up here tomorrow- you don't want to miss it!).  Now let me explain how she could get away with this.  When you ask me to look back on my life and name people that were always there, like family, and formative to who I am, I would HAVE to list the Musten family.  We went to the beach for weeks together in the summer, hang out on New Years Eve, etc.  Laura and I are close in age, my sister and Sarah are the same age, and well, Even was the youngest and the only boy... so he either got spoiled or kicked out.  There is more than on VERY embarrassing homemade movie of Laura and I making episodes of 40/40 (our version of the interview program, 20/20)... AND I think I will stop there!  You get the point, right?!

David and I took these lovies downtown for a few shots (pictures not drinks- stop thinking crazy) before Laura's shoot (again, stay tuned for this!)...enjoy!

First we hit up the front of a fun antique store in downtown Raleigh- Penrod's Antique Warehouse, 321 W. Davie Street.  Fun place- you should go check them out.

They decided to start things off with a Musten signature pose...




Lately I have neglected to alert you when David makes photographic magic... I will try to do better!  Here he is, doing his thing, always finding some genius random angle.


So if the Mustens were a band, what would their name be?





"Three is the magic number..."



Again, the hubs in action!





It was good being with you all for this little mini-shoot!

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studio 310 said...

love these. your work is great, but i think i like them extra cause my sis and i have a younger brother. thanks for the heads up about that fun location. :D

looking forward to your next post.