Monday, December 1, 2008

Life Story: World AIDS Day, December 1st

Every year World AIDS Day happens on December 1st.  I figured today was the perfect time to let you know that I am going to South Africa in a few weeks.  My family has been taking trips to an orphanage in Mabopane, South Africa for the past three years- this will be my Mom's 5th trip, my sister's 4th, and my 3rd.  We are in love with the children at this orphanage that we stay at every year.  South Africa has the highest number of people with AIDS in the world and 5.5 million South Africans have AIDS or are HIV positive.  Many of them are orphans because their parents died from the AIDS virus.  Many of the orphans have AIDS themselves, whether passed down from their parents or acquired through rape.  Because of some generous friends, my Mom, sister and I will be traveling to Mabopane again December 14th-23rd.  David will be staying here, so if you need anything, he will be checking the email and answering the phone.  I cannot wait to share pictures from my next adventure in Africa...

While we might know more about the virus here in the United States, it is still a problem here.  There are still people that do not understand how AIDS is contracted, or how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS does not discriminate-  all races, genders, sexual preferences, etc can potentially contract the virus

Here are some websites you can check out for more information:

Locally in Raleigh:

I leave you with past images (December 2006) of the beautiful children of 
Mabopane, South Africa...

I imagine Thabiso is saying, "You must remember me... and you must do all you can to help make my life and my friend's lives better."



Little girl smiles...



Mama Peggy tells us about her life...


Lucky takes a bath...


Me holding one of the most important men in my life, Thabiso (same little man as in the first picture).  My family has been looking for a way to adopt this man for awhile, we are still working...


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the.indie.image said...

Ashley, you are so amazing. I admire your awareness of this global problem and your way of promoting awareness to those around you. I am so excited to hear you are returning to Africa! I hope you will have an amazing trip and enjoy being reunited with these precious children. I can't wait to see more beautiful pictures of them!