Monday, December 29, 2008

Story of 2008

Did you miss me?!  It has been sooo long since I have posted!  I have a lot to catch you up on... a kids shoot, a bridal, an engagement shoot, two weddings-- and Africa!!  We have a few shoots and a New Years Eve wedding the next couple of days, then a few days of vacay for New Years THEN I will be back in the office for real  Who knows when I will blog next... keep checking back!

I am sooo very excited about the new year.  Our business keeps growing and it makes us so excited!  Thank you to the couples who invited us into their wedding stories this year...

Jenna and Jeff
Mindy and Dominic

Not too bad of a list for our first full year in business!  And this list would NOT have been possible with our amazing referrals- past wedding couples, friends, family, etc.  We will never tire of thanking you!

Thank you to the many families who trusted us to capture them where they were, right then, in their story as a family.  From little babies to college kids to adults, we had a blast hanging out with you while we documented you.  Thank you to those couples who had us take a glimpse into their love story to shoot their engagement or bridals.  We look forward to continuing that relationship with you!

Here's to 2009!


jemmessica said...

Yay! Ashley's back!

the.indie.image said...

I can't wait to see all your goodies! and by goodies I mean lovely photos. Just to clarify:-)

I am so happy for all of your success and I hope 2009 will be even more blessed!

Love Becca