Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boudoir Story: Jessica

Are you freaked out yet??  Please don't be J.  I was asked by one of my beautiful brides if I would be interested in doing a boudoir shoot for her to give to her husband on the wedding day.  I told her I was no expert- I had only shadowed the amazing April of Evoke Photography on one mini-boudoir… maybe she should call April.  But alas, Jessica had faith in me that I could make it happen and wanted to give me the chance to try it out. 


Ok some of you are still wondering what the heck boudoir photography is.  Basically it is some glamorous photography that a woman will have done for her hubs/hubs-to-be.  It can involve lingerie, sexy dresses, etc.  The point is that these are tasteful, "for his eyes only" pictures.  There are some photographers that only do boudoir shoots- like the Boudoir Divas-they are becoming that popular. 

*EDIT: I realized that I forgot to mention something important- why I did this shoot!  I have heard that boudoir is not just something fun for the men out there, I have mainly heard stories about how it is empowering for women to do their hair and makeup all sexy, get to do several outfit changes, etc.  It gives women confidence to put themselves out there like this... and then to get to see the reaction from their men!  I love most anything that can open up a woman's eyes to see how beautiful and powerful she is.*

Having said all that, I am not going to blog pictures from that session.  However, Jessica wants me to still share with you how the shoot turned out incase you are interested in one your self.  I have set up a password protected gallery on our website that holds some pictures from her shoot.  If you are a woman that is interested in looking through this shoot, please email me at and I will share the password with you.


I also want to give a shout out to the amazing Elizabeth Tolley.  She did Jessica's hair and makeup, and had both evolve as Jessica changed outfits.  This girl is FABULOUS.  I had an awesome time hanging out with her and her lovely assistant/friend.  If you are looking for some incredible makeup and hair, contact this girl ASAP.  Elizabeth is based out of Charlotte but loves to travel- you want this girl to make you look fabulous. 



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jemmessica said...

YAY! I can't say enough good things about this experience! I've never felt so much like a woman! I can't wait to give them to Jeremy! Thanks Ashley!!

**PS- when I'm 75 and saggy... I will look back and be like DANG I looked good! hahah!