Monday, January 5, 2009

Bridal Story: Jenna

So here we go- looooooots to blog about and we are back at it!  We did Jenna's bridal shoot back in NOvember and held it for after here big day- she knew her fiance may try to peek!  The next blog post will be of their fabulous wedding day, so check back in for that.

I have noticed a trend that bridal portrait sessions are becoming less and less popular.  I was excited when Jenna wanted to do hers... especially since she and her Mom were thinking two different styles.  That sounds crazy, but it made the day so fun as we raced around town avoiding the rain to get both traditional and more funky shots.  Here's what we accomplished...

It had rained on and off all day so we tried our luck outside while the sky was
 cooperating with us.

NAS_9898 copy

NAS_9883 copy

And then the sprinkles started...

NAS_9917 copy

So we headed to Forest Hills Baptist Church, where the wedding was to be held, for some more traditional shots.

NAS_9939 copy

NAS_9973 copy

This one was blown up as the portrait on display at the reception.

jenna37eBW copy

NAS_0019 copy

NAS_0058 copy

NAS_0064 copy

So as the drizzle continued we hopped in the car and headed downtown in search of something a little less formal.  I knew my friends at the Purple Armchair ( I know, I used it a few times in November, didn't I??)  wouldn't mind the disruption.

We started out on this cute striped rug..

NAS_0160 copy

NAS_0166 copy

NAS_0178 copy

And then the rain stopped

NAS_0207 copy

And the sun snuck out for two seconds as it was setting- look at that warm color!

NAS_0221 copy

And then the sun was gone... but Jenna still looked fabulous!!

NAS_0233 copy

NAS_0268 copy

NAS_0282 copy

And of course we had to end up in the middle of the road!!

NAS_0308 copy

Jenna-  I had so much fun running around Raleigh to put this unique bridal session together.  Can't wait to blog your beautiful wedding!!


Kathryn said...

Welcome back to the blogging world...I hope you enjoyed your traveling and holidays! I'm glad to see the pictures of Jenna...they are great! And look forward to many more post soon. :-)

the.indie.image said...

Ashley! These are fabulous! I especial love the lighting on some of the ones at the end! GREAT job!

studio 310 said...

mmm, what indie said. i love those outside after the rain photos. i think it's fun that yall "went to the church for traditional" and they chose one with her feet up for the enlargement.