Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life Story: Winter Wonder Land

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blogging to show off the snow we had in central NC!  For all of you northern blogstalkers (and I keep learning that there are more and more of you), please forgive this post.  You see snow all the time in the winter.  We haven’t had a snow like this in forever, and it was only like 5 or 6 inches!  And this girl loves snow!!  I actually told David's Mom that I felt like we were going to get a decent snow this year at the end of January- and yes, I am known for my prophetic skills.

After this I will get back to telling you about my trip to Africa...

You might remember that my sister lives with David and I... and so does her puggles, Madi.  This was Madi's first snow and we were so excited to stick her in it!  At first she was scared but then loved it- and ate it.

NAS_0331 copy

NAS_0343 copy

A puggle is a cross between a beagle and a pug.  When looking up Madi shows off one of her more attractive pug feactures- an under bite.

David and Madi fighting crime together

NAS_0385 copy

NAS_0386 copy

Madi hoping that the snow doesn't run off without her knowing about it.

NAS_0387 copy

David and I took a long walk from our place to my Mom's house.  The sun decided to sneak out for us.

0187 copy

0190 copy

0224 copy

Hey, there is no rule about looking fashionable or cute when taking a 3-4 mile walk in the snow- don't judge me. [note David would like to add he thinks he looks homeless and would like a disclaimer as well]

0234 copy

Signs of life

0242 copy

LOVE THIS- we have creative neighbors.  I love these old Christmas lights and don't they look stylish on a snowperson.  These pictures are straight out of camera.

NAS_0397 copy

NAS_0398 copy


jemmessica said...

We have a puggle named Gus and it was his first snow too!

Anonymous said...

oh that makes me snow in 85 degree weather in CA!