Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Story: Jenna and Jeff

Since you have been such good blog stalkers in my absence, I have decided that I am going to show you a bazillion pictures from this wedding... also because I just could not decide what to show you- too much good stuff!  The day before I left for Africa we shot Jenna and Jeff's wedding here in Raleigh.  I have known Jenna's family since I was teeny tiny at church.  It is always nice to shoot weddings when I know at least one of the families involved.  Reminds me of how far we all have come since our Sunday school days!  It was also a fun day because it was the first wedding I have gotten to shoot at my home church, where I also got married.  Without further babbling, let's get to the yummies!

I have an addiction to sparkle lights, so I just had to use them somehow...

NAS_5768 copy

I love a sister moment...

NAS_5903 copy

...and a Mom moment

NAS_5941 copy

Jeff preparing for his first look with Jenna at the J R Raulston Arboretum.

DRT_0077 copy

David caught this PRECIOUS moment when Jenna was waiting to get her eyes on her groom for the first time...

DRT_0216 copy

...and then she did!

NAS_5985 copy

NAS_6065 copy

Jeff checking out the dress

DRT_0352 copy

Here are a few of the many fabulous couple shots we were able to sneak while we waited for the wedding party and family to arrive for their group pictures...

NAS_6141 copy

NAS_6285 copy

NAS_6294 copy

Jenna and Jeff's people were awesome!  It was chilly out there and they kept their smiles on the whole time.  Well and sometimes had to keep their hat's on... Patrick's eyes are out of this world!!

NAS_6543 copy

Beautiful flower girl #1

NAS_6423 copy

David laid on the ground for this one...

DRT_0182 copy

NAS_6855 copy

NAS_6774 copy

DRT_0264 copy

After everyone was practically frozen, the gang headed back to Jenna's parents house, just a block away from the church, to warm up and get some snacks... here we have flower girl #2 snacking on some Bojangles mashed potatoes!

NAS_7163 copy

NAS_7176 copy

David caught some sweet moments from the choir loft...

DRT_0540 copy

DRT_0617 copy

I grabbed this moment as they were walking out of the sanctuary.  It is such a cool perk that I get to witness so many of these "OMG we are for real married!!!" moments.

NAS_7527 copy

NAS_7682 copy

Daddy Daughter Dance... and that bridal portrait I told you about in the background.

NAS_7733 copy

David gives us a different spin on the cake cutting...

DRT_0905 copy

...while the Mom of the Bride and the Mom of the Groom look on.

NAS_7846 copy

Recognize these two newlyweds?  Mary and Geoffrey in the photobooth.

NAS_7815 copy

They are outta here!!!

NAS_8158 copy

Jenna and Jeff-  Thank you so much for letting us into your beautiful day!  We had the best time covering every minute of it.  I can't wait to work with you on putting together some fabulous albums!!


studio 310 said...

such sweet first look photos!! those are my favorites, along with the couple ones. i also like the bridal party shot david got lying on the ground. yea!! AND i like the wide angle one in the bride's parent's house with the bride sitting on the floor.

Emily said...

YAY!!! gorgeous!!! i've been waiting for these :-) thanks for posting, ashley!

Anonymous said...

Ashley and David-- they are amazing-- you made everything look so great! Can't wait to see the rest! YAY