Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wedding Story: Mindy and Dominic

Wow!  Thanks for all the awesome and overwhelming feedback on the boudoir shoot.  I put it out there and held my breath to see what the response would be- and wow!  Thanks for the love J


I know Mindy is about to go crazy!  David and I joined Mindy and Dominic on another cold and windy day to shoot their adorable New Years Eve wedding.  You might remember them from their awesome engagement/bridal shoot.  These two had the cutest wedding in Erwin, NC- the ceremony was their church and the reception at the fire house!  Mindy is a detail girl (she is an elementary school teacher- enough said, right?) and put together some great stuff- check it out…


Let's change things and start off with the men.  Everyone rags on girls for having to get ready together but honestly, I have noticed at weddings that men must secretly love the excuse to help each other get ready…

DRT_0242 copy

Yes, one groomsman is actually stapling one of Dominic's brother's pants.  These guys are crafty.

DRT_0308 copy

That David... always thinking outside the box.

DRT_0342 copy


DRT_0350 copy

Over to the ladies... Mindy doubles as the bride and flower girl makeup artist.

NAS_8376 copy

Her three flower girls were close family friends and their dresses were very similar to Mindy's.  they kept running around saying, "Look! We are all little Mindy's!!"

NAS_8487 copy

NAS_8557 copy

Here is the point in the program where I stop to obsess over the ring shots- my favorite part of the wedding day!!

Taking advantage of the Christmas decor.

NAS_8199 copy

David would have had a heart attack.  I had Mindy's rings all in this little tree and the wind was blowing it around like crazy... he used to get nervous when I put rings in flower arrangements for fear of falling to the bottom!

NAS_8245 copy

NAS_8225 copy

Mindy and her grandfather:  I feel like she is wanting to say, "Is it my turn?  Can I walk down the aisle yet??"

NAS_8664 copy

David got this sweet shot of Dominic looking on as Mindy walks towards him...

DRT_0589 copy

Sealing the deal with a smooch!

DRT_0654 copy

NAS_8935 copy

I have found that one of the hardest pictures to get is fun time with the ladies.  It is easy for David to get the guys as they are able to be ready waaaay faster.  Luckily we had a minute to grab these before heading to the reception...

NAS_8955 copy

NAS_8980 copy

Check out these sexy ladies on a vintage fire truck.

NAS_8983 copy

Dominic had to kick them out to kiss his new wife!

NAS_9000 copy

Mindy is so brave- she rode on the back of this thing from the ceremony to the reception on a cold and very windy day!

NAS_9027 copy

First dance

NAS_9146 copy

I could not help myself- these girls are so stinkin' cute!!

NAS_9322 copy

NAS_9329 copy

Hugs on the way out the door!

NAS_9342 copy

Mindy and Dominic- what a fun day!  I hope it was all you wished it to be.  We had a blast with you and your "people".  Thanks for keeping the hits coming on the blog while you waited J

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