Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Story: Jami's Headshots

I got to do something a little different on Sunday.  Jami is about to graduate from Campbell University and needs headshots for grad school applications.  I had not formally done headshots but was very excited to get the chance!  We met up at Five Points here in Raleigh for a mini-session… so look for more Jami in the future! 


Jami is using the traditional black and white format to print her headshots, but I decided to toss in a few funky color ones for fun.  

jami1shoot01 copy

jami1shoot04 copy

jami1shoot07 copy

jami1shoot09 copy

jami1shoot29 copy

jami1shoot28 copy

jami1shoot24 copy

jami1shoot21 copy

jami1shoot20 copy

jami1shoot19 copy

jami1shoot18 copy

jami1shoot13 copy

jami1shoot27 copy

jami1shoot26 copy

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wedding Story: Shauna and Anthony - Part Two

As if we weren't excited enough to have weekend out of town to shoot this adorable couple in adorable settings… it was also super exciting to get to this wedding because of the new equipment we have been acquiring over the past few months.  We needed an upgrade bad- especially David- so this was our first opportunity to really try out all our new stuff together.  All I can say is YUMMY, CANT WAIT TO USE THIS STUFF AT THE REST OF OUR WEDDINGS THIS YEAR!

So in our previous post we shared with you some lovey couple pictures… now we are going to share with you the rest of the day!  

I have wanted to use conversation hearts in a ring shot forever.  What a better day to make this happen than Valentine's Day??

NAS_2646 copy

Notice the purple you will see throughout the day... Even Shauna's Dad had a tux with a purple vest.  These people were big ECU fans!

NAS_2670 copy

NAS_3502 copy

This handsome man is Cameron, Anthony's precious son.  Cameron was a huge fan of having his picture taken and was really into finding new and interesting places where I could photograph him- love that in a man!

NAS_3520 copy

NAS_3549 copy

Best idea- the caterer's truck! (Don't worry, the caterer knew)

NAS_3557 copy

After getting their pictures done around town Shauna and Anthony went back to normal clothes until right before the ceremony...

DRT_6490 copy

DRT_7177 copy

NAS_3643 copy

We had heard that Shauna's Dad had been sad all day about giving his oldest daughter away.  The second he walked in the room Shauna and her sister just lost it!

NAS_3781 copy

NAS_3817 copy

Still a little misty...

NAS_3831 copy

Incorporating Cameron into the sand ritual

NAS_3926 copy

DRT_7326 copy

DRT_7350 copy

NAS_4011 copy

Sweet first dance moments

DRT_7432 copy

NAS_4289 copy

Shauna is a dancer- also a university level cheerleading coach- and I see where she got it from!  She and her Dad were awesome!

NAS_4454 copy

NAS_4480 copy

NAS_5041 copy

From there the party came alive.  Guys dance- note that on the front row is Anthony and his best man beside Shauna's Dad and his best man!

NAS_4613 copy

Ladies of all ages saving "a horse, ride a cowboy!"

NAS_4749 copy

NAS_5182 copy

DRT_7887 copy

DRT_8017 copy

A fun how-well-do-the-bride-&-groom-know-each-other game.


NAS_5340 copy

NAS_5383 copy

To end the evening Shauna and Anthony took a night time stroll through some bubbles before riding off into the evening.

NAS_5474 copy

Shauna and Anthony- Thank you so much for bringing us up north a little bit to take part in your beautiful wedding weekend!!  We are beyond impressed by the planning you were able to pull off in such a short amount of time.  

Cassie- We look forward to shooting your senior pictures :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedding Story: Shauna and Anthony - Part One

I think it is very appropriate that our first wedding of 2009 was on Valentine's Day- start the year off with major love!  I would also like to give myself, Ashley, kudos for posting on my 25th birthday!!  Birthdays are the best!


Shauna and Anthony had to plan their wedding in 4 weeks!  They thought they would have more time but Anthony is going into the Army and as it is with many military weddings they seem to either get pushed up or pushed back.  I have to say that they did an AMAZING job pulling off this wedding in such a short amount of time. 


Because of the time of the ceremony, Shauna and Anthony chose to see each other earlier in the day so they could get some awesome couple pictures outside.  I am soooo glad they did- we had the best time driving around Farmville, VA getting adorable shots of them!  At first I felt bad that we did not get as many "getting ready" shots of Shauna as I usually do, but in the end I think that Shauna and Anthony will appreciate all the pictures they got together way more than they will miss pictures of Shauna getting her hair done.  

Here is a taste of what David and I captured of them around town- another posting coming soon of the ceremony and reception!

DRT_6604 copy

NAS_2926 copy

NAS_2931 copy

DRT_6642 copy

DRT_6729 copy

We loved this store front on Main Street... 
which also happened to be where Shauna found her dress!

NAS_3062 copy

NAS_3073 copy

DRT_6794 copy

DRT_6871 copy

NAS_3150 copy

LOVED Shauna's flowers:

NAS_3164 copy

NAS_3183 copy


NAS_3193 copy

NAS_3210 copy

Fabulous shot by David when I wasn't looking:

DRT_7008 copy

DRT_6997 copy

David's view:

DRT_6947 copy

My view:

NAS_3225 copy

NAS_3244 copy

NAS_3254 copy

David's view:

DRT_7052 copy

My view:

NAS_3298 copy


NAS_3346 copy

This ceremony and reception was held at a historic train station so we had to take advantage of the red caboose parked beside the station.

NAS_3362 copy

NAS_3406 copy

Watch the blog for part two of this fabulous Valentine's Day wedding!