Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Story: Jami's Headshots

I got to do something a little different on Sunday.  Jami is about to graduate from Campbell University and needs headshots for grad school applications.  I had not formally done headshots but was very excited to get the chance!  We met up at Five Points here in Raleigh for a mini-session… so look for more Jami in the future! 


Jami is using the traditional black and white format to print her headshots, but I decided to toss in a few funky color ones for fun.  

jami1shoot01 copy

jami1shoot04 copy

jami1shoot07 copy

jami1shoot09 copy

jami1shoot29 copy

jami1shoot28 copy

jami1shoot24 copy

jami1shoot21 copy

jami1shoot20 copy

jami1shoot19 copy

jami1shoot18 copy

jami1shoot13 copy

jami1shoot27 copy

jami1shoot26 copy

1 comment:

Abigail Grace said...

These are beautiful! I know Jami too :o)