Sunday, February 8, 2009

Music Story: Ascella Vega

It was a fabulous night to head over to UNC-Chapel Hill's Memorial Hall for a concert!  We had just purchased a beautiful 70-200mm 2.8 AF/VR that I had been wanting for quite some time… and I am so glad we did!  This lens was fabulous for this concert.  David and I were excited when Adam, Ascella Vega's lead singer asked us if we would shoot this show for them.  It was an awesomely huge fundraiser show in which they played both original work and made awesome choices in songs to cover.  What a great show to be a part of!  Since we have been neglecting you, blog follower, we are going to let the pictures do the talking and give you lots to look at- Enjoy!

P.S.  These are straight out of camera, in no particular order.

DRT_5797 copy

DRT_5809 copy

DRT_5826 copy

DRT_5862 copy

DRT_6012 copy

DRT_6138 copy

DRT_6206 copy

DRT_6207 copy

DRT_6221 copy

DRT_6277 copy

DRT_6305 copy

NAS_0780 copy

NAS_0932 copy

NAS_0944 copy

NAS_0995 copy

NAS_1085 copy

NAS_1207 copy

NAS_1219 copy

NAS_1272 copy

NAS_1316 copy

NAS_1321 copy

DRT_6083 copy

NAS_1414 copy

NAS_1432 copy

NAS_1476 copy

NAS_1500 copy

NAS_1617 copy

NAS_1627 copy

NAS_1647 copy

NAS_1757 copy

NAS_1775 copy

NAS_1808 copy

NAS_1859 copy

NAS_1874 copy

NAS_1898 copy

NAS_1916 copy

NAS_2135 copy

NAS_2163 copy

NAS_2232 copy

NAS_2390 copy


the.indie.image said...

these are incredible:-) Great job!

jinglchelle said...

ummm hello...can i meet some of these guys?? ;)

great pics ashley & david!

Emily (Waggoner) said...

LOVE the lighting in the last 3 or 4. Amazing!

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