Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Story: Moving Again!

Well, if you've got our home address saved somewhere, go ahead and delete it.  

We're Moving Again.

If you have been following the blog long you might remember that we moved this past May into an adorable townhouse.  The story is complicated, so the short version is that we are going to move in with my Mom for awhile.  You might also remember reading that my Dad died this past September... so for lots of reasons that came out of his death, we will be moving just 2 miles up the road to be with my Mom for awhile.  We will actually have a very cool office set up that we will work out of and meet clients in- cant wait to show you that!  

We are moving out of our townhouse by March 1st.  If you need to mail anything after that date please email me- - and I will hook you up with our new po box address.

And yes, I have been neglecting the blog.  I am sorry you actually have to work while you are at work ;)- I will be posting again soon!!

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