Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Giving the Gift of Story Telling: Gift Certificates

Due to popular (whatever that means) demand, we have made gift certificates!

giftcard copy

There you have it- the front of the gift certificate (yes that is David and I jumping on a table).  If you have booked a wedding with us this year you have seen our thank you postcards- the gift certificate is also a postcard, but this time we have fancy funky silver envelopes to go with them and there is fill-in-the-blank info on the back to identify the giver and what gift they are giving.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use our gift certificates…


1. Gift a bride/groom-to-be with an engagement session, money towards/for an album, money for/towards a canvas print, etc.  Brides and grooms, don’t be shy about telling people that this would be a fabulous gift for you!


2. Gift a family/kids shoot to your Mom/Wife for Mother's Day.  Gift a family/kids shoot to your teacher from your child's whole class… or to your boss (just recently got a request like this)… etc.


3. Gift your spouse/partner with an anniversary/love-just-because shoot.  Give it as a gift to someone celebrating a big anniversary.


4. Gift a headshot session to your child or friend that might need one for graduate school auditions or for their work place. 


5. Use your imagination!


Contact us through our website- www.storyphotographers.com or over email storyphotographers@gmail.com to get your gift certificate!  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Story Telling: Wedding Traditions, Part Two

So glad to see that I am not the only one wondering how all these wedding traditions became traditions in the first place!  Sometimes couples are looking for an excuse to skip various traditions- maybe you can find some explanations to give your parents in these posts.  Thanks for the feedback on the blog and on facebook!  Here are some more traditions that I found explanations for…

Why do we have bridesmaids?

The tradition of bridesmaids evolved from the custom of surrounding the Bride with other richly dressed women in order to confuse the evil spirits.  This is why the bridesmaids come down the aisle first, in order to throw off the evil spirits that might come after the bride.

Why have groomsmen?

It used to be that the groom had to capture his bride on the wedding day, sometimes having to actually fend off her family.  The best man was actually the best warrior that stayed by the groom's side.  The rest of the groomsmen helped in the fight however they could.  Whew- renting a tux doesn’t seem like that big of deal after all, right?? 

Why do we "give the bride away"?

In the days of arranged marriages the father, as the head of the household, would give away his daughter since daughters were considered property.  It was actually the father's right to give his girl to the groom, and usually for a price. 

Why does the Bride stand to the left of the groom during the ceremony?

The answer to this also goes back to the days of the captured bride.  After the groom has "kidnapped" his bride, he might have to fight off other suitors that felt threatened.  The groom could hold his bride with his left hand, allowing his right hand to be free to use his sword.  So much potential violence! 

Who started the kiss at the end of the ceremony??

The kiss at the end of the ceremony has long been considered a token of bonding.  It was also seen as the exchange of spirits as each partner sends a part of their self into the new spouse's soul- I love that imagery!  It was seen to seal the wedding. 

NAS_8960 copy
Why do we decorate the getaway car?

Once again worry over evil spirits instituted a tradition.  Having a noisy car (tying cans to the back) when leaving the reception was considered to frighten any evil spirits away.  Also if the car was decorated, again, it might confuse evil spirits. 

Well that was fun!  It seems as though I need to figure out what tradition protects the photographers from the evil spirits??

Monday, March 23, 2009

Story Telling: Wedding Traditions, Part One

          Here at Story Photographers we love a good story- who doesn’t?!  We also like to think outside of the box- question traditions.  So I did a little research to figure out just where do some of these wedding activities come from that so many of us participate in.  Here is round one- more coming this week!

A Bridal Shower:

The idea of a bridal shower began in Holland.  If the bride's father did not like her choice in a groom, he could choose to withhold her dowry.  If this happened then the bride's friends would shower her with gifts to make up for the dowry.  With those gifts she would then be allowed to marry the groom-to-be.


The Bride Carrying Flowers:

Back in ancient times the bride carried strong smelling herbs and spices in order to drive away evil spirits, sickness, and bad luck.  Then in Roman times the tradition expanded to include a garland of flowers around the bride and groom that signified new life and fertility.  A bouquet of flowers symbolized a woman in bloom and during Victorian times each type of flower was given symbolic meaning. 


Tossing the Bouquet:

This tradition seems to have started in England hundreds of years ago.  Anything worn by the bride was considered good luck, so the other women at the wedding would try to rip pieces of the bride's dress and flowers in order to obtain her same good luck in finding a man.  It was also seen as a distraction for the crowd so that the bride and groom could get away.  Thank goodness the dress ripping part is no longer a tradition! 


The Groom's Lapel Flower:

There was a medieval tradition that a Knight should wear his lady's colors as a declaration of his love, so in a wedding he would wear a flower from her bouquet. 


The Tiered Wedding Cake:

The origin of the tiered wedding cake comes to us from Anglo-Saxon times.  Guests would bring small cakes to the wedding and stack them on top of each other.  Picking up on the idea, a French baker created a cake in the shape of the small cakes and covered it in frosting. 

** I checked multiple resources for the information I have presented here.  There are some variations in explanations, so I tried to pick the most frequently repeated.  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social Story: Salvation Army Annual Report

As you might have read on the blog before, Story Photographers is excited to be the photographers for the Salvation Army of Wake County.  We have participated in documenting many different parts of the Salvation Army story, with the biggest way being their annual reports.  This sounds boring, writing reports and all, but is actually very interactive and challenging as a photographer.  The Salvation Army works with a design firm/group, Springboard Edo to help them create their website, their brochures and the annual report itself.

Last year was my first time working with the Salvation Army on their report- currently I am in the middle of doing the shoots to complete this year's.  Each year Ben and Julianne over at Springboard come up with the concept and theme of the annual report.  They come up with different shot ideas to match each part of the report that the Salvation Army presents to their board members and donors.  Then together we create shoots which yield images that match their vision for each section of the report.  This is much more interactive than I am used to, but again I have learned a ton and had an awesome time!

I had thought about showing you each individual shoot as it has happened, but I think that you can only get the full affect when you see the finished product.  As I said before, we are still in the process of shooting for the report that will be presented in May 2009… However I do have some of the pages from the 2008 report.  The idea was looking at the numbers and statistics behind what goes on in the many different branches of the Salvation Army.  My eyes were opened to a bigger picture of what the Salvation Army offers by being a part of the shoots and interviews with people who are either clients of a specific program, volunteers, or staff of the Army.  







Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Story: Derek and Erica

Monday it snowed.  Saturday it was 80 degrees and sunny- I even got some sun on my arms from shooting outside!!  Like I said in my facebook status that day, these two could not have ordered better weather. 


Hilarious friends and warm family surrounded Erica and Derek as they tied the knot at Salem Baptist in Apex.  As soon as we arrived we found that the girls were already dancing and laughing hysterically- makes my job easy!  The guys enjoyed the same laughs… though I noticed that both groups could quickly lay the goofiness aside to form tight circles of love and support around this couple.  I was impressed!

I love a bride with sassy shoes.  Too bad they were a few sizes too small for me!

NAS_7004 copy

Erica's sister did a fabulous job with hair-dos...

NAS_7060 copy

...while Erica pitched in with makeup duty.

NAS_7226 copy

Meanwhile the guys were warming up, gospel style.

DRT_8470 copy

DRT_8555 copy

DRT_8642 copy

While David was workin' it out with the guys, I was workin' it with the ladys.

DRT_8705 copy

DRT_8758 copy

DRT_8805 copy

NAS_7396 copy

NAS_7401 copy

DRT_8886 copy

The familys right before the ceremony.

NAS_7616 copy

NAS_7739 copy

You can see the sweet anticipation on their faces as Erica and her Dad approach the aisle together.

NAS_7849 copy

DRT_9358 copy

DRT_9410 copy

We had a little time with the couple before they hit up the reception.

NAS_8150 copy

DRT_9512 copy

NAS_8223 copy

NAS_8327 copy

DRT_9613 copy

First Dance- such a serene feel to this one.

NAS_8401 copy

NAS_8812 copy

Some of Derek's guys came up with this idea- name that toy!

Untitled-1 copy

Bridesmaids Jessica and Meredith test it out-  Meredith wins!

NAS_8816 copy

Told you this crowd was crazy.  The guys try to take a nice picture and bridesmaids are flying all over the place...

NAS_8872 copy

It is a rare event for a group of guys to do this on their own and ask for their picture to be taken- It just doesn't happen everyday.  They saw the artistic value in the chocolate bar against their chocolate shoes.

DRT_9955 copy

We have never witnessed such a creative car decoration as we did at this wedding.  Post-it notes, string tied all over and throughout the car, balloons, streamers, cans, etc.  Took poor Derek and Erica forever to get outta there!!

DRT_9909 copy

DRT_9922 copy

Erica and Derek:  Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing day.  We had the best time with you and "your people"- we hope that you guys are loving Jamaica!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boudoir Story: You Don't Want to Miss this!

Don’t you love it when your favorite musicians collaborate on a song together?  It seems like they might be competitive since they have similar styles, but how fun to realize they are friends and work so well together.  I am so excited to announce a collaboration in the NC photography world- April Sirit of Evoke Photography and I are going to be offering some amazing boudoir sessions- TOGETHER.  

sexyjess24 copy

April and I informally belong to an awesome group of lady photographers (David is the only man around this group) that get together monthly to talk business, equipment, photoshop, etc.  These are the girls that were at my doorstep the day after my Dad died asking what they could do to help my business during such a tough time.  I love them!  We have always talked about ways that we could work together, apart from second shooting with each other from time to time.

sexyjess26 copy

April and I both have a love for shooting boudoirs.  There is nothing better than seeing a woman feel confident and empowered.  It is awesome to watch women, who generally do not know each other, root one another on as the shoot progresses. 

sexyjess50 copy

Sunday, April 19th --- hotel

         April and I will be offering a boudoir marathon both of these days at a local hotel.  Doing a boudoir shoot along side other girls is awesome- there is nothing like other girls telling you how hot you look and how much your fiancĂ©/husband is going to drool over the pictures!  Please email me (storyphotographers@gmail.com) if you are interested in either of these dates at a hotel location. 

Saturday, August 22nd ----- Outside

         Want to get outside?  Several of you have asked about shooting outside- and we heard you!  We will be offering an outdoor boudoir shoot.  April and I have a remote location with long grasses, a pond, trees, etc that is perfect for this type of shoot.  This will be awesome- email me if you are interested in this opportunity. 

Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th ---- Hotel

         Not sure what to get your hubs for Christmas?  Let April and I create a sexy shoot with you to surprise your love!  I have heard girls say, "Just let me loose a little weight and then I will do this shoot".  Here is your chance to set a goal date.  And on that note, we think all women are beautiful just how they are- and so does the man in your life!  It is not too early to sign up for these dates- email me!

Edit:: Check out what Jessica, the lovely lady in the pictures featured in this post, has to say about her boudoir experience!