Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Story: David Andrew Tatum

Well… shame on me.  I have good excuses for not blogging, want to hear?  We moved then the next day David got sick then three days later I got sick.  That's all I've got.


Just a few months ago I was taking pictures of David's parents, Lydia and Andrew, while David was just a baby in a bump.  Now David is in the world and sooo stinkin' cute!


These pictures will be first of many that will end up on this blog of this little man…

Maybe we will try the guitar case later in life

NAS_5550 copy

Lydia and Andrew were both religion majors and are in Divinity school.  This means they have many books in their lives, so why not let David get started on his destiny?

NAS_5560 copy

NAS_5561 copy

Baby feet are the best.

NAS_5581 copy

NAS_5586 copy

I don't think I did or said anything shocking...?

NAS_5622 copy

NAS_5644 copy

NAS_5646 copy

Time for a snack!

NAS_5668 copy

Much better.

NAS_5680 copy

NAS_5782 copy

The eyelashes.  Love it.

NAS_5787 copy

NAS_5794 copy

Diaper Booty.

NAS_5798 copy

Correct me if I am wrong Lydia, but if I remember correctly, David's great grandmother made him this blanket.

NAS_5819 copy

I must be boring...

NAS_5832 copy

NAS_5859 copy

Lydia and Andrew-  I cannot wait to get my hands/camera on all three of you!  The new Pratt Tatum family!!


studio 310 said...

love these. i always photograph babies at their own home too; it's always fun to show up and work with the stuff the family has there.

cute cute. i like your commentary too.

the.indie.image said...

cute baby! I was confused by the intro... David is your husband's name.. and I thought I read it wrong like 3 times. then realized that the baby's name was David.

Millie said...

Thanks for taking such cute pictures of my grandson, David. He's the mosts beautiful baby you'll ever take a picture of! Although I may be biased!!!