Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boudoir Story: You Don't Want to Miss this!

Don’t you love it when your favorite musicians collaborate on a song together?  It seems like they might be competitive since they have similar styles, but how fun to realize they are friends and work so well together.  I am so excited to announce a collaboration in the NC photography world- April Sirit of Evoke Photography and I are going to be offering some amazing boudoir sessions- TOGETHER.  

sexyjess24 copy

April and I informally belong to an awesome group of lady photographers (David is the only man around this group) that get together monthly to talk business, equipment, photoshop, etc.  These are the girls that were at my doorstep the day after my Dad died asking what they could do to help my business during such a tough time.  I love them!  We have always talked about ways that we could work together, apart from second shooting with each other from time to time.

sexyjess26 copy

April and I both have a love for shooting boudoirs.  There is nothing better than seeing a woman feel confident and empowered.  It is awesome to watch women, who generally do not know each other, root one another on as the shoot progresses. 

sexyjess50 copy

Sunday, April 19th --- hotel

         April and I will be offering a boudoir marathon both of these days at a local hotel.  Doing a boudoir shoot along side other girls is awesome- there is nothing like other girls telling you how hot you look and how much your fiancé/husband is going to drool over the pictures!  Please email me ( if you are interested in either of these dates at a hotel location. 

Saturday, August 22nd ----- Outside

         Want to get outside?  Several of you have asked about shooting outside- and we heard you!  We will be offering an outdoor boudoir shoot.  April and I have a remote location with long grasses, a pond, trees, etc that is perfect for this type of shoot.  This will be awesome- email me if you are interested in this opportunity. 

Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th ---- Hotel

         Not sure what to get your hubs for Christmas?  Let April and I create a sexy shoot with you to surprise your love!  I have heard girls say, "Just let me loose a little weight and then I will do this shoot".  Here is your chance to set a goal date.  And on that note, we think all women are beautiful just how they are- and so does the man in your life!  It is not too early to sign up for these dates- email me!

Edit:: Check out what Jessica, the lovely lady in the pictures featured in this post, has to say about her boudoir experience!


jemmessica said...

Who's that hottie?? ;-)

the.indie.image said...

so exciting!!!!

the.indie.image said...

I said it on April's blog so I will say it here too! Ladies, if you are considering this, don't let the opportunity pass you by!! These two are amazing and you will LOVE what they produce for you!