Sunday, March 15, 2009

Social Story: Salvation Army Annual Report

As you might have read on the blog before, Story Photographers is excited to be the photographers for the Salvation Army of Wake County.  We have participated in documenting many different parts of the Salvation Army story, with the biggest way being their annual reports.  This sounds boring, writing reports and all, but is actually very interactive and challenging as a photographer.  The Salvation Army works with a design firm/group, Springboard Edo to help them create their website, their brochures and the annual report itself.

Last year was my first time working with the Salvation Army on their report- currently I am in the middle of doing the shoots to complete this year's.  Each year Ben and Julianne over at Springboard come up with the concept and theme of the annual report.  They come up with different shot ideas to match each part of the report that the Salvation Army presents to their board members and donors.  Then together we create shoots which yield images that match their vision for each section of the report.  This is much more interactive than I am used to, but again I have learned a ton and had an awesome time!

I had thought about showing you each individual shoot as it has happened, but I think that you can only get the full affect when you see the finished product.  As I said before, we are still in the process of shooting for the report that will be presented in May 2009… However I do have some of the pages from the 2008 report.  The idea was looking at the numbers and statistics behind what goes on in the many different branches of the Salvation Army.  My eyes were opened to a bigger picture of what the Salvation Army offers by being a part of the shoots and interviews with people who are either clients of a specific program, volunteers, or staff of the Army.  








Diane McClary said...

Wow Ashley I hate I missed you when you came to TSA! I was just looking through the annual report from last year-I'm using part of it for my senior research presentation. I can't wait to see the one for this year! :)

the.indie.image said...

wowza! Those are great layouts and pictures! Very well done!!!

Camille Rodgers said...

Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Camille Rodgers and I received your link from Megan Stephenson. I love photography too but only indulge as an amateur. However, I am offering a service to create a cross-stitched frameable duplicate of any photograph. (Although, I do limit it to non-porno pictures.) This would be a dynamic addition to any couple memories of their wedding. My email is if you are ever interested in something like this.

Ashley and David said...

Hey Camille- thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself to us. What you do sounds interesting- can you send me a picture so I have a better idea? My email is

Since we do not shoot porn, it should not be a problem :)


Anonymous said...
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