Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Story: Derek and Erica

Monday it snowed.  Saturday it was 80 degrees and sunny- I even got some sun on my arms from shooting outside!!  Like I said in my facebook status that day, these two could not have ordered better weather. 


Hilarious friends and warm family surrounded Erica and Derek as they tied the knot at Salem Baptist in Apex.  As soon as we arrived we found that the girls were already dancing and laughing hysterically- makes my job easy!  The guys enjoyed the same laughs… though I noticed that both groups could quickly lay the goofiness aside to form tight circles of love and support around this couple.  I was impressed!

I love a bride with sassy shoes.  Too bad they were a few sizes too small for me!

NAS_7004 copy

Erica's sister did a fabulous job with hair-dos...

NAS_7060 copy

...while Erica pitched in with makeup duty.

NAS_7226 copy

Meanwhile the guys were warming up, gospel style.

DRT_8470 copy

DRT_8555 copy

DRT_8642 copy

While David was workin' it out with the guys, I was workin' it with the ladys.

DRT_8705 copy

DRT_8758 copy

DRT_8805 copy

NAS_7396 copy

NAS_7401 copy

DRT_8886 copy

The familys right before the ceremony.

NAS_7616 copy

NAS_7739 copy

You can see the sweet anticipation on their faces as Erica and her Dad approach the aisle together.

NAS_7849 copy

DRT_9358 copy

DRT_9410 copy

We had a little time with the couple before they hit up the reception.

NAS_8150 copy

DRT_9512 copy

NAS_8223 copy

NAS_8327 copy

DRT_9613 copy

First Dance- such a serene feel to this one.

NAS_8401 copy

NAS_8812 copy

Some of Derek's guys came up with this idea- name that toy!

Untitled-1 copy

Bridesmaids Jessica and Meredith test it out-  Meredith wins!

NAS_8816 copy

Told you this crowd was crazy.  The guys try to take a nice picture and bridesmaids are flying all over the place...

NAS_8872 copy

It is a rare event for a group of guys to do this on their own and ask for their picture to be taken- It just doesn't happen everyday.  They saw the artistic value in the chocolate bar against their chocolate shoes.

DRT_9955 copy

We have never witnessed such a creative car decoration as we did at this wedding.  Post-it notes, string tied all over and throughout the car, balloons, streamers, cans, etc.  Took poor Derek and Erica forever to get outta there!!

DRT_9909 copy

DRT_9922 copy

Erica and Derek:  Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing day.  We had the best time with you and "your people"- we hope that you guys are loving Jamaica!!


the.indie.image said...

cute wedding! looks like it was a lot of fun!

Meredith said...

I love your pictures, Ashley! It was so much fun seeingyou this weekend. You are so talented and I look forward to seeing the rest of them!

studio 310 said...

pretty. i like all the colors.
those last couple of groom photos are fun--with the flying bridesmaid, and the shoe one. the boy shoes made me laugh because it's such a typical girl shot.

jinglchelle said...


april said...

My favorite is the pouty groom face. Personally, I would blow that up HUGE & put it on the wall. I'm loving the different perspectives - in the car instead of out, right up on the couple during the prayer (how did you do that?!), the formals by an old door - loving it all!

april said...

really - the pouty groom face shot needs to go on the home page or in advertisement or somewhere!! That is the funniest shot I think I've ever seen!

Amanda said...

Beautiful job! I love all that you did for the couple!! You guys are amazing!! The Director Aunt