Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boudoir Story

I get so excited these days talking about boudoir photography!!  It is so awesome to be a part of something so positive for women.  A couple of weekends ago I shot two friends who are both getting married this season.  I can't show you pictures or drop names because one of their fiances checks the blog.  Now that could be many of you, so hubbys-to-be, get excited.

Here is what the bride-to-be said about the experience after just seeing the images in the website gallery:

"Oh my goodness, Ashley!!  These are awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I cannot stop looking at the pictures.  It is so crazy to see myself that way.  The shoot was so much fun and surprisingly empowering and I just really appreciate all that you did to make it so much fun (and make me look so good)!! :)"

I have just posted one of the two shoots on my website under a password protected gallery- Ladies, let me know if you would like that password!  Leave your email address in a comment or email me at  These ladies brought their A-game with fabulous outfits and prop ideas.

Speaking of boudoir, April and I have moved the outdoor boudoir session from August 22nd to August 16th.  We have a couple of girls that have already committed to it- if you want in, go ahead and sign up!  

April and I also listened to you and will be holding another hotel marathon session either in June or July- there were some of you that did not want to wait till November but still wanted the group experience.  We will release that date soon.

Dont forget that you can always sign up for a private session or grab a friend who is also interested and just do it at the same time. 

Sorry, no pictures in this post.  Dont want to tip off any men about a surprise they might be receiving!!


Anonymous said...

Could I see??? I think these pictures are so amazing! So beautiful and have my email! love you Ashley and hope we can still plan a shoot in May!

hillary said...
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hillary said...

haha oops i meant to leave that comment on the post before, clearly! I'm interested in your boudoir shots too, though...