Monday, April 20, 2009

Bridal Story: Portraits

The world seems much more sunny, green, and flowery this last week or so.  With that has come lots of shoots!  One type of shoot that all you brides out there might not be thinking about, might not even care for, is the bridal portrait.  Girl, I did not want one either.  BUT you might want to check with your parents/grandparents first.  The last three bridal portraits I shot were at the last minute before the wedding as the bride did not realize how much her Mom wanted a portrait of her.  I like a last minute deadline- don't get me wrong.  I just want to make sure you have time to get it printed and framed!

Sometimes we can just shoot a few potential portrait-ish shots on the wedding day, other times your people may want it done for the reception and have more options to choose from when printing.  The busy wedding season is about it kick off so find out if your people want a portrait and let me know so we can get it ready in time for your wedding.  Check with your Mommy!

I shot a gorgeous bride to be this past Friday.  Can't show her face as her hubs-to-be might be checking the blog... so here is a sneaky view of where we were and how cute she is!  I will post her bridals after the wedding day!

The perfect time of year to be playing in the WRAL Azalea Garden...

NAS_5498 copy

There she is!

NAS_6219 copy