Thursday, April 30, 2009

Engagement Story: Ashley and Nick

I love my job.  I always hoped that I could say that when I was "all grown up".  No matter what is going on in my life when I go to a shoot I just get this renewed energy and focus.  It's delicious.  

Do you know what is also delicious?  This engagement shoot!!!  When I was talking with Ashley about what kind of shoot would reflect their personality she went with FUN.  What better place to have fun than Pullen Park.  Growing up in Raleigh we would always go play and ride the train and carousel.  Ashley and Nick totally worked Pullen Park- I was so impressed :)

What better to loosen a crowd up than the swings! 

NAS_9981 copy

A theme arose with these two.  They win the prize for the most creative kisses.  Just watch- they were attempting crazy kisses all over the place...

NAS_0027 copy

NAS_0028 copy

Yeah they don't have ANY fun together... ever... at all.

NAS_0050 copy

NAS_0084 copy

See??  I told you...

NAS_0096 copy

In the infamous caboose.  Quiet moment.

NAS_0135 copy

NAS_0171 copy

NAS_0197 copy

Yet again!  These animals were moving up and down as they were trying to kiss- they must practice this stuff :)

NAS_0281 copy

NAS_0298 copy

NAS_0405 copy

NAS_0466 copy

Nature decided to cooperate and sent two geese over our way.

NAS_0544 copy

NAS_0598 copy

Ashley, like many other Raleigh children, has pictures of herself walking on this bridge when she was a little girl...

NAS_0660 copy

NAS_0682 copy

I don't think we were supposed to be in this little area... but OH WELL!  This was my favorite spot in the entire shoot.  I want to make canvases- a whole set- out of all of these.

NAS_0716 copy

NAS_0749 copy

NAS_0776 copy

NAS_0795 copy

NAS_0839 copy

NAS_0861 copy

NAS_0875 copy

NAS_0885 copy

Ashley!  Nick!  I am so pumped about your wedding that will be here in just a few weeks!!  Yay!


Emily Cochran said...

I LOVE the kiss on the monkey bars!!! So cute!!!

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hillary said...

i see so many familiar spots! pullen park was a great idea for a shoot, and i love the appeal to nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

this is so so cute!