Friday, April 24, 2009

Engagement Story: Katie and Sean

So much to blog!  I am so excited to bring this post to you.  Katie and her older sister Jamie were my babysitters!!  My family looooves their family.  Katie is actually not that much older than me, and let me tell you, when I was little I just thought she hung the moon.  I still adore her and was thrilled when she responded to my Facebook status- "Found new fabulous spots downtown and itching to do a shoot in them!" 

Katie and Sean got engaged in downtown Raleigh so it was fun to hear 
their story as we rode around.

I met up with Katie and Sean on a gorgeous afternoon and immediately started asking them to do crazy things :)  They are getting married June 13th and I knew just where to 
find that number...

NAS_6620 copy

NAS_6624 copy

NAS_6653 copy

Thank you funky colored windowpanes.

NAS_6719 copy

NAS_6769 copy

Sigh.  Blissful.

NAS_6805 copy

Who can turn down random dancing in the middle of the street??

NAS_6857 copy

NAS_6878 copy

NAS_6880 copy

There is nothing like driving down a road that I have a million times and spotting something new and fabulous!!  RANDOM green and yellow door in an alley!

NAS_6935 copy

NAS_6928 copy

NAS_6951 copy

These people must like me because they were laying all over the place for me!!  
Could not resist this spot...

NAS_7003 copy

NAS_7019 copy

NAS_7022 copy

NAS_7046 copy

We finished up the shoot at 42nd Street Oyster Bar.  Their engagement story is out of a movie.  Katie had been out of town, came home to roses and a fancy dress- with a note to wear the dress and wait for a driver to pick her up.

The driver dropped Katie off at 42nd St Oyster Bar and there at the front was Sean in a tux!  He had a horse-drawn carriage ready to drive them around before returning to eat dinner.  On the carriage ride he popped the question!  
And after that they had a fabulous dinner together, smiling I am sure.

NAS_7111 copy

NAS_7143 copy

NAS_7206 copy

NAS_7211 copy

Thanks Katie and Sean!  It was so awesome to hang out with you guys!!  


Bo Prosser said...

I love these pictures...who's the old guy in the pictures with the beautiful young woman??? Happy Birthday, Sean!!

Lydia said...

yay!! How fun! Great shots, Ashley! What beautiful people!

Emily Cochran said...

Beautiful job, Ashley! Congratulations, Katie and Sean!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking couple. May the love that can be seen in your eyes be with you both always.
Love, Mom and Dad/Gail and John

the.indie.image said...

cute cute cute! great job as usual!