Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family Story: Morrow Family, Jacksonville, NC

I have missed doing family shoots- it is great to be moving back into that season!  This past weekend David and I headed to his parents house for some rest, good food, time with family and a very fun family shoot!  A few years ago David and I had the privilege of shooting Heather and Billy Morrow's rehearsal dinner.  We had a great time with them then, so we were thrilled to have the chance to do another shoot with their growing family.

I could not help but stick this crowd in the hammock to see what kind of chaos would ensue.  Are they not all gorgeous??

NAS_3177 copy

NAS_3221 copy

NAS_3241 copy

Big sister McKenzie- these kids have eyes you just want to swim in.

NAS_3355 copy

NAS_3417 copy

NAS_3508 copy

Heather and one of the twins- Nixon

NAS_3528 copy

Billy and the other twin- Riley
Riley was always reaching for the camera- future photographer?

NAS_3561 copy

NAS_3562 copy

Don't worry, McKenzie did not actually push them anywhere...
and we had adult spotters all around.

NAS_3566 copy

NAS_3571 copy

NAS_3640 copy

McKenzie giving her Daddy sweet kisses on his head

NAS_3676 copy

This reminds me of those cell phone commercials- you know the ones I am talking about, the one with the bars?

NAS_3712 copy

I did not even prompt this- promise!  Heather and Billy must have learned that they need to sneak their kisses when they can!

NAS_3725 copy

NAS_3937 copy

NAS_4342 copy

Since everyone did such a great job- no tears!  Snacks were awarded to all.

NAS_3946 copy

NAS_3992 copy

Joyce (David's Mom) was there to help out and promised big sister McKenzie a special treat if she would smile-  what almost-three-year-old would turn that offer down?!

NAS_4149 copy

The boys...

NAS_4059 copy

NAS_4225 copy

The girls...

NAS_4142 copy

NAS_4347 copy

Heather and Billy- We had a great time hanging out with you and your beautiful family.  I am so impressed with how well your kids handled the shoot for the ages that they are!  We will look forward to getting to do this with you all again some time.

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hillary said...

What a beautiful set of photos representing a beautiful family! You captured some really amazing moments.