Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Music Story: Martha Ann Motel

I have not talked about them in awhile... 

... but my Lovely Husband, David, is in a band with some of his BFFs called Martha Ann Motel.  Yes, as his wife I might be a little biased but I think they are good.  Not just good, AWESOME.  You have got to head over to their myspace, check them out and then come to a show!

Martha Ann Motel (MAM) won Campbell University's Battle of the Bands a few months ago.  This eventually led to them opening for Little Big Town, Campbell's spring concert!  It was so fun to see them on a big stage in front of lots of people... and you know I got pictures :)

* Their usual drummer, Adam, was out of town until right before the show so they had a stand in drummer/friend, Mike.

NAS_7215 copy

This is when David spotted me during the first song.  I don't think the high school girls that took pictures with him after the show saw him giving me love-eyes.

NAS_7257 copy

NAS_7283 copy

NAS_7396 copy

NAS_7300 copy

NAS_7323 copy

NAS_7326 copy

NAS_7398 copy

NAS_7340 copy

NAS_7399 copy

NAS_7412 copy

NAS_7417 copy

NAS_7400 copy

NAS_7443 copy

NAS_7468 copy

NAS_7553 copy

NAS_7555 copy

NAS_7625 copy

NAS_7630 copy

NAS_7636 copy

NAS_7650 copy

NAS_7660 copy

NAS_7704 copy

NAS_7725 copy

NAS_7729 copy


Mip said...

Ashley! These are seriously good shots! I mean not that it's surprising, but - very cool :)

the.indie.image said...

amazing!! Great job!!