Saturday, April 18, 2009

Personal Story: Office Cats

This week/weekend seems to be kicking off the spring weather and all the shoots that will start to come with it!  We have four completely different types of shoots this weekend.  Finally you will be more entertained on the blog- no more working all day at work- you will get your Story Photographers blog break!

As you have seen on our blog, we had to move again this past February.  We have an office space that we have been working out of, we just have not had it ready to meet with clients in quite yet.  David and I started working on that the past few weeks, slowly but surely, and we had a little help from some friends...

The office space is attached to the house as a sunroom with two separate entrances into the house and two separate exits to the outdoors.  So lots of doors and windows are happening here.  While we were working, we left the doors to the house open so we were visited by the Stephenson cats.

Dont worry, if you are allergic we are going to de-cat this space before we meet with anyone and they wont be allowed back in!

I posted this one on Facebook... said they were having an old lady meeting.

NAS_4799 copy

NAS_4806 copy

These inside cats love to look out the huge windows for hours checking out birds and squirrels.

NAS_4823 copy

NAS_4825 copy

NAS_4833 copy

NAS_4839 copy

Here are two hovering around my workspace... and sitting on David's.

NAS_4851 copy

Starr, the oldest and queen of the three, guards over our equipment for us... thanks Starr.

NAS_4863 copy


Natalie said...

Ashley ... where did you get that bookshelf? I've been looking for one like it. :) - Natalie

Ashley and David said...

i ordered it from ikea online (before there was one in charlotte- they do have this in that store). it comes in different sizes and colors. EVERY nice quality for the price. we adore this shelf.

Natalie said...

I saw one on the ikea website, and I hoped this was the one! Yayyy! Thank you. :)