Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oso Optimo

Hubs here...

So its been a while since I have taken a crack at a solo blog and thats probably a good thing.  Ashley is so much better at the this then I am.  

Anywho,  this blog should have been posted way back when.  It's been sitting on my desktop for quite some time now.  The past month has been so busy I'm just now able to squeeze this in.  Oso Optimo, if you don't already know, is one of the best rock bands you could spend money on in Raleigh.  Every show is well worth it.  If you're looking for a solid rock show, thats exactly what you'll get when you catch up with Oso Optimo.  Me and my friend Cade Bowman took the guys out behind The Dive Bar on Glenwood Ave. before a show in April.


















Thanks guys, can't wait to see you play again!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Story: Heather and Travis

DRT_5556 copy

We had a busy holiday weekend- two weddings and a family shoot!  David forced me to take Monday off... I only got caught answering email one time before I took him seriously and rested.  Saturday we got to hang out with Heather and Travis- and all their fabulous people- to shoot their beautiful ceremony at St. Marks Methodist Church in Raleigh that was followed by a fabulous reception at MacGregor Downs Country Club in Cary.  I've got lots to show you so let's jump in!

DRT_4372 copy

Travis helping his son get ready.

DRT_4401 copy

NAS_3531 copy

I don't know how things were in Travis' hotel room, but the ladies' hotel room was packed full of family and friends that love Heather.

NAS_3599 copy

Heather writing a love letter to Travis...

NAS_3689 copy

See?  This lucky girl stayed surrounded by her sisters, friends, and family.

NAS_3787 copy

Travis' people were equally as impressive in how much they adore this guy.

DRT_4843 copy

NAS_4139 copy

NAS_4167 copy

I had seen a ringbearer carry a nest before on another photographer's blog and 
ADORED the idea.  It was fun to actually see someone do it!

NAS_4381 copy

NAS_4654 copy

NAS_4767 copy

So sometimes the bride and groom need a little sip of something to carry them over till the party gets started.  It just so happens that there is a wine that Harris Teeter carries that is Heather and Travis' last names- Heather Murphy and travis Goode!!

NAS_5023 copy

NAS_5426 copy

Quiet moments before the reception begins...

NAS_5470 copy

NAS_5597 copy

NAS_5618 copy

David grabbed this shot that I feel should be an ad for SOMETHING during the cocktail hour.

DRT_5681 copy

The view over the lake during dinnertime.

NAS_5705 copy


Sweet first dance...

NAS_5946 copy

... followed by an amazing medley of every popular dance song ever.  
And these two knew how to work it.


NAS_6380 copy

There were some suspicious cake-stalkers trying to get in on the action...

NAS_6409 copy

NAS_6733 copy

Look at that action shot David caught!  I even circled it for you.

DRT_6544 copy

You know it was a good party when the wedding party members pass out before its over :)

NAS_7079 copy

NAS_7139 copy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Story: Breazeale Family

Are you impressed by my blogging skills this week yet?  I'm trying to blow you away by posting every day this week... I'm three for three.  Let's see if I can do it all week :)

I am thrilled to bring you a baby shoot I did last week with Jessica, Joshua and their brand new baby Jacob.  Jacob is the tiniest baby that I have gotten to photograph and good LORD is he cute!  You might recognize Jessica and Joshua from Jessica's sister Jenna's wedding.  So that family has had lots of big events happening in the past few months!

Jacob and I have our first encounter :)  
The timing was awesome and he was pretty calm and attentive.

NAS_2979 copy

"Dad what's this lady going to do to me??"

NAS_3002 copy

NAS_3026 copy

NAS_3032 copy

NAS_3034 copy

Jenna and Jeff (whose wedding is linked above) were washing off Jacob's little feet and discovered this little freckle on his toe was not dirt or ink left over from the foot print.

NAS_3063 copy

NAS_3076 copy

NAS_3080 copy

Jacob preferred to wiggle an arm out of his swaddling.

NAS_3083 copy

This was the sign that it had been too long since this little man had 
been cuddled and that was not ok with him!

NAS_3116 copy

I don't know WHERE we would have found people willing to snuggle with this little peanut :)

NAS_3133 copy

NAS_3180 copy

NAS_3182 copy

NAS_3197 copy

Hanging out by the "J" on the alphabet quilt.

NAS_3229 copy

NAS_3251 copy

NAS_3277 copy

NAS_3297 copy

NAS_3309 copy

Jessica, Joshua, and Jacob- It was so much fun to be around such a teeny tiny baby!  I had a great time hanging out with you all :)  Thanks for staying awake and not fussing too much about having that camera in your face, Jacob.