Monday, May 25, 2009

Album Story: New Product!

David and I have been looking for the perfect ways to tell your various stories.  We are still desperately in love with Simply Canvas products- it's never too late/early to order yourself a canvas!  We have always offered you the classy, contemporary and simple KISS Wedding Books...


Because you can only get an all leather cover with the KISS albums we wanted to also offer you something different.  David and I feel passionately about only offering products that we would order ourselves... and trust me, we are tempted all the time to order more canvases or make KISS albums!!  We have tried out a few other album companies and we think we have finally found a great compliment to the KISS album- Vision Art Albums!

Let me walk you through our new sample...

I opened the box and found the album all bundle up in tons of packaging stuff 
and this classy black bag....


I chose Shauna and Anthony's Valentines Day wedding for our 9x12 sample with 
34 spreads (68 pages).  There is the option to order a display box to protect your album but still showcase it when you have it sitting out, so I thought I would try it.  You can also get your album with a dust jacket, but I chose the box instead- personally dust jackets get on my nerves. 



I chose for the display box to have the same image as the cover of the album, though it can be whatever you want it to be.


The front cover and the spine, followed by a view of the top and the back cover.



I have heard horror stories about various album companies turning skin tones orange or red.  Not these people!  The color looks awesome and yummy.


The pages lay flat and you can barely see the seam.



a said...

i'm going to want one!

a said...

i don't know how i got a profile... nor how it ended up being just "a". oh well. this is tugman.

studio 310 said...

very nice!! and go pirates.