Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bridal Story: Sarah

I had shot Sarah's beautiful bridal portraits in the WRAL Azalea Garden several weeks ago but had waited for her wedding to post them!  Sarah married Chad this past Saturday so watch for their wedding to come up on the blog as well.

Sarah chose the azalea garden not only because it was at it's peak when we were there, but also because her then hubby-to-be works at WRAL!  Everyone made sure that Chad was not going to be in the office building incase he got the urged to peak out the window and find Sarah amongst the flowers.

NAS_5913 copy

The garden is on a hill with winding paths between all the different types of azaleas.  
It looks like Sarah is swimming in a sea of yummy colors!

NAS_5846 copy

NAS_5537 copy

NAS_5950 copy

This is the image Sarah chose as for the portrait to be on display at their reception.
Love the pinks and greens!

NAS_6080 copy

NAS_6082 copy

NAS_6130 copy

NAS_6168 copy

NAS_6181 copy

NAS_6219 copy

NAS_6237 copy

NAS_6347 copy

NAS_6402 copy

NAS_6416 copy

NAS_6436 copy

Sarah you are such a beautiful bride!  I can't wait to blog your wedding as well- hope that honeymoon is fabulous!!

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KiMMiE said...

great pics, ashley!! :)