Friday, May 8, 2009

Engagement Story: Jen and Allen

Engagement shoots are so much fun to me.  I think it is awesome when people decide to do them- last time you got your picture professionally taken was probably your high school senior pictures.  And while the wedding day photos are oh-so important, you aren't in normal clothes and your hair is probably looking a little different that you usually style it to head to class or work.  These pictures are more relaxed which allows each personality to show, along with what makes each couple unique... snuggles, hugs, favorite spots, etc.

Jen and Allen have two furry babies that just had to make an appearance in their shoot.  These dogs did awesome considering there were many other dogs hanging around the park with us...

NAS_3970 copy

NAS_4017 copy

I mean how often are these two going to get portraits made? :)


Behaving for treats.

NAS_4060 copy

We gave the dogs a break and quickly I learned just how much fun Allen and Jen have together.

NAS_4136 copy

I also learned just how cute and snuggly they can be together.

NAS_4226 copy

I feel like the two stone paths are symbolic...

NAS_4243 copy

NAS_4260 copy

NAS_4276 copy

NAS_4328 copy

NAS_4348 copy

NAS_4358 copy

I feel like this should be an advertisement for jeans?

NAS_4373 copy

As I was saying, these two know how to have fun together.  Allen keeps threatening Jen that he is going to pick his nose (like he is demonstrating below) when she reaches him after walking down the aisle.  Luckily we are shooting their wedding so I will let you know how that goes. 

NAS_4433 copy

NAS_4475 copy


NAS_4522 copy

These two can WORK IT.

NAS_4563 copy

NAS_4577 copy

I just let them play in the middle of the road and this is what they came up with...

NAS_4688 copy

NAS_4656 copy

NAS_4718 copy

Jen and Allen, you two were awesome!  I had a great time shooting you- and my camera obviously loved you!  We are going to have a blast in September :)


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