Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Story: Tatum Family- Baby David at 3 months

You might start recognizing this crowd if you have been following the blog for long.  We got fun shots Andrew and Lydia pregnant and then some sweet ones of David not too long after he joined us in the non-womb world.

I am excited to bring you Baby David at three months!  Hop on over to Lydia's blog to see me in action at this shoot :)  Andrew and Lydia had an awesome idea for this shoot- to make it a hometown shoot for David.  David's first home is in Angier, NC so I headed down that way to document cool things in his newborn life.

The Tatums have put together a very cool garden to grow lots of yummy fruits and veggies...

NAS_0467 copy

Whoa baby blues!

NAS_0503 copy

I think baby David is already bored with me at this point...

NAS_0548 copy

The infamous train station in Angier... 
I have never noticed that it was the Family Lines System though :)

NAS_0568 copy

NAS_0632 copy

NAS_0649 copy

NAS_0690 copy

That's very close to a smile!

NAS_0763 copy

Clearly having a good conversation.

NAS_0813 copy

NAS_0945 copy

Oh sweet moment

NAS_0863 copy

NAS_1040 copy

David working the downtown scene

NAS_1087 copy

NAS_1137 copy

Andrew, Lydia and Baby David- Can't wait to do this again at 6 months!!


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love. Love. LOVE! Thanks, Ashley!

Anonymous said...

You know it already, but you are amazing...I love these!!!! Just wish you lived in CA with us!!! haha!!! just amazing!!!!