Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Personal Story: Talking about Photography!

NAS_1348 copy

Today I had the daunting/fun task of speaking to a group of 100 5-13 year olds about photography.  The Salvation Army's Community Center had "Photography Week" this week and I was invited to talk about photography.  I could talk about anything from how I became a photographer, to what type of photographer I am, how cameras work, how to take "good pictures", etc.  

I was all worried about how to fill up 45-60 minutes and still keep the attention of all ages involved.  I don't know why I worried because these kids kept me on my toes with really awesome questions!  One of my favorites was asked by a seven year old:

(This question came about after I was talking to them about how the shutter opening and closing lets light in to record the picture...)
Seven Year Old: "Mrs. Ashley, I have a scientific question for you"
Me: "Wow, well I hope I can answer it"
Seven Year Old: "So, is the speed at which humans blink their eyes like the speed that the shutter opens to let the light in?"

How do kids think of this stuff??  Yes, I think I came up with a great answer to that and many other curious questions.  And it was fun!  

The picture at the top was one I took as I was walking around letting them listen to a slower shutter speed.  It was also a good trick to get them to be quiet and still enough to hear the shutter click.


studio 310 said...

ah, perfect transition to talking about aperture and the pupil of the eye. i like your idea about getting the students to listen. sounds like you had a lot of fun!

the.indie.image said...

awwwww! what fun! I am sure you did a super awesome job! :-)