Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding Story: Ashley and Nick

All during the week leading up to this wedding I was watching the weather.  Ashley and Nick got married Sunday with their ceremony at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh.  Then they wanted to walk from the chapel down Hargett Street to their reception at Humble Pie.  This trek would take them through day 2 of Artsplosure and past lots of funky downtown spots that David and I were sooo ready to take pictures of them at... the problem was that it was supposed to rain and storm the entire day.  

That morning it rained.  
When we arrived at the church it rained.
But I was still hopeful.

Lo and behold, we leave the chapel to head to the reception and the rain had stopped!!  We got to make part of our walk through downtown after all!  Ashley and Nick were so open to taking crazy random pictures- thank goodness the rain let up for that.  

I want to say a quick thanks to Shawn at Your Special Day Wedding and Events for helping Ashley and Nick plan a day that truly reflected their personalities.  

DRT_2496 copy

NAS_8153 copy

NAS_8174 copy

The bridal room had a million (or just three) mirrors on three of it's 4 walls.  
So instead of getting mad at them I utilized them.  A lot.

NAS_8315 copy

NAS_8321 copy

NAS_8352 copy

Never too proud to admit a happy mistake.  Ashley's brother was her best man- no bridesmaids.  I purposefully put him in the reflection, however I did not realize that their Mom was standing in the perfect spot to make it in the image as well until I went to snap this shot.

NAS_8453 copy

Hey Nick.

DRT_2646 copy

I love the inside of this chapel!  The story is that this building was scheduled to be torn down three years ago, but then a group decided to save it and turn it into a wedding location.  There is a reception hall that they built below the chapel that is much more contemporary.

NAS_8590 copy

NAS_8692 copy

NAS_8755 copy

NAS_8850 copy

Well, I did not know what "Our Place" was until we asked to close their door so we could shoot in front of the building.  Let's just say that this is not a shop that you would take your Mom to.

NAS_8901 copy

Every credit for this shot goes to David.  He found this ridiculas umbrella on the side of the road and set them up.  So perfect.

DRT_3166 copy

NAS_8950 copy

NAS_9002 copy


NAS_9050 copy

I was slightly obsessed with Ashley's shoes... I love colorful shoes on a bride!

NAS_9091 copy

NAS_9216 copy

NAS_9399 copy

The fabulous Humble Pie.  Their food is amazing- check it out sometime.

NAS_9456 copy

NAS_9451 copy

Mary (the ceremony officiant) and her hubby Al connected us up with Ashley and Nick.  
They knew our styles were so similar that we just had to be the ones to shoot their wedding!
Thanks guys!!

NAS_9863 copy

This will give you some small idea of how fun Nick and Ashley are.  
I was innocently trying to take a picture of Ashley and her grandma, and Nick stepped in.  
Little did he know he was also trying to eat Ashley's grandma's head. 

NAS_9897 copy

NAS_9999 copy

NAS_9917 copy

Ashley and Nick- thank you so much for inviting us into your day!  We had so much fun with you guys and your people.  We really hope that your honeymoon isn't as rainy as said it was supposed to be.  


Emily said...

LOVE IT!!! all of it... fantastic!!!

april said...

Ah hahahaha! What an awesome post!! wow.. You're goodies just keep getting better & better. I peed a little when I realized the groom was eating someone's head. I love the shot of Nick by himself - Delicious. The umbrella made me laugh. Hard. And I love the Our Place thang.. knowing it's a dirty store makes it even more endearing to me.

the.indie.image said...

woah ashley! You guys did a great job! What a delish post! LOVE the shot with the brother and mom.. awesome awesome!!