Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Story: Jen and Chris

A couple of Saturdays ago I had the privilege of second-shooting with my good friend April from Evoke Photography in Wilmington, NC!  April and I started out at the same studio in North Raleigh and got to shoot together often.  Now that we are both out on our own it is more rare that we get to work together.  I think it is really important to stay fresh- one of the ways that I choose to do that is by second-shooting with different people.  I was so excited that I was available to help her for this wedding- and man this wedding was GORGEOUS!

Jen did all the wedding arrangements from many states away... I heard she is also a designer and it really showed down to even the smallest details.  Last time I blogged a wedding that I second-shot for I explained that since this isn't one of my clients, I am just going to blog random shots that I love! 

NAS013 copy

NAS026 copy

NAS054 copy



I am not too proud to admit this- this was a happy accident shot :)  I do not know what I was saying but I just clicked my camera randomly away from my face and this is what I got!

NAS079 copy

NAS162 copy

NAS181 copy

NAS189 copy

This girl is BEAUTIFUL!

NAS222 copy

NAS242 copy

The flowers were all fabulous!  The florist that did them is fairly new and WOW do they know what they are doing :) 

NAS248 copy

I had heard of this NC artist that has made various glass bottle art that are scattered all over the state.  I became mildly obsessed with the artwork at this garden and wanted to move in!

NAS290 copy

NAS342 copy

NAS352 copy

Headed down the aisle...

NAS508 copy

NAS517 copy

NAS578 copy

NAS599 copy

NAS630 copy

NAS659 copy

The whole gang- pretty people.

NAS866 copy

NAS908 copy

NAS915 copy

NAS1003 copy

This is why I stay obsessed with ring shots- this is straight out of the camera.

NAS1048 copy

NAS1072 copy

NAS1081 copy

Being announced into the reception.

NAS1109 copy

NAS1115 copy

Jen's 87-year old Grandma loves wedding receptions.  
I love when the 87 year old Grandmas love receptions.

NAS1634 copy

NAS1726 copy


KiMMiE said...

very nice! i loved her colors, too :)

jemmessica said...

GAH! I can't wait to see pictures of our big day! Is this in Airlie Gardens??? I so miss living in Wilmington!

april said...

NICE!! Those look awesome!! Yep - I LOVE that one of her looking over her shoulder. That is so wild! Hey - maybe there was something to Tom's shooting method after all. Love you! Miss you!