Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Story: Sarah and Chad

I owe you people some wedding posts!  This week you will get two wedding posts and a couple of family shoots to keep you distracted at work- I know how you are and sometimes who you are, you confess to me your blog time at work.  Honestly, I love it.  I am glad that all these beautiful people that allow me to enter their lives somehow become part of the story of your day.

Sarah and Chad got married a couple of Saturdays ago on one of those days when the weather forecast was looking ugly- rain all day long.  Lo and behold it was a gorgeous day!  We'll take it!

Sarah's Maid of Honor helping her with her shoes...

NAS_2527 copy

Sometimes a girl needs to get sewn into her dress.  This can happen for various reasons.

NAS_2540 copy

Sarah's accessories and Chad's accessory.



DRT_1490 copy

DRT_1562 copy

NAS_2792 copy

Sarah and her bridesmaids were hiding in this coat closet area right before the ceremony.  The little flower girl asked who they were hiding from, and the girls told her they were hiding from Chad- the flower girl thought that was hilarious!

NAS_2771 copy

The ring-bearer was not interested in hiding... not one bit.

NAS_2738 copy

I love the motion in this shot.  This pretty much sums up the personality of the precious ring-bearer- all over the place with that grin on his face.

NAS_2814 copy

NAS_2828 copy

Do I have to tell you who Chad is smiling at? 

DRT_1660 copy

NAS_2981 copy

Chad and Sarah have such a quiet, sweet love about them.

NAS_3234 copy

NAS_3268 copy

NAS_3285 copy


NAS_3392 copy

NAS_3696 copy

DRT_1887 copy

NAS_3594 copy

The flower girl sending Chad and Sarah off to Hawaii with bubbles!

NAS_3861 copy

Sarah getting the high-five of approval from her little brother.

NAS_3877 copy

Sarah and Chad- Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding day.  Your families are so sweet and welcoming and your friends so much fun!  David and I hope you all had a fabulous Hawaiian honeymoon!!


jinglchelle said...

these are GREAT! and (obviously) i am one of those slow-mornings-at-work-story-photog-blog-stalkers and i love it :)

loved the story about the kids up top precious!

KiMMiE said...

beauitful! :) i wish we could repeat the day all over again! i can't wait to see the rest of the pics from sarah!! :)

Kristen said...

These are awesome pictures. I agree with Kimberly about repeating this day. Just next time I would like to feel 100%