Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Anniversary Story: Lance and Amber

Whew, I am rested.  David and I got to escape to the beach a few days- just for fun, no shoots.  It was lovely!  This week I will be catching up on the blog... Dana and Kyle's Wedding, the Kimbrell Family, Lauren's Bridal, etc.  

It was so exciting to get to do Lance and Amber's anniversary shoot last weekend.  I love these two!  A couple of years ago, before I had a blog, I shot their engagement shoot on Wrightsville Beach...

RogersonEng74 copy

RogersonEng22 copy

This time around we hit downtown Wilmington, which is where they live now, 
and found some super awesome spots/hidden alleys/funky stores.  Lance and Amber have so much fun together and are so laid back, which makes it super easy to take pictures of them.

NAS_5071 copy

NAS_5062 copy

This is what I call color coordination.

NAS_5185 copy

NAS_5227 copy

NAS_5230 copy

The light was just yummy...

NAS_5295 copy

and so were these two!

NAS_5329 copy

NAS_5336 copy

NAS_5347 copy

NAS_5345 copy

Could not resist those flowers...

NAS_5388 copy

NAS_5414 copy

This set might have been my favorite from the afternoon...

NAS_5497 copy

NAS_5512 copy

NAS_5564 copy

NAS_5581 copy

OMG we found a fabulous abandoned house... 
and omg thank goodness we did not run into any snakes or anything.

NAS_5658 copy

NAS_5665 copy

NAS_5717 copy

NAS_5746 copy

NAS_5785 copy

Lance and Amber- Thanks for such a FUN time walking around downtown Wilmington.  You two were so willing to do anything and everything, and because of that I am deeply in love with the images we made!


BC said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos - all of them. I think this is my favorite shoot out of the ones I've been following the past year. Lovely.

the.indie.image said...

hey lady (and man) these are some of my favorite you've shot! I love shooting in wilmington! Very yummy!

Lance said...

mama - you did an amazing job! we absolutely love them

Ashley and David said...

Thanks for the comments!

BC- We appreciate the feedback :) I tried to click on your blogger link to learn more about you but it wouldn't let me. How did you find us?