Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Story: Fuller Family!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, even since it's beginning, you will recognize this family!  Elgin's 2 month pictures were my first blog post ever!  Then I got to play/shoot with Elgin again when he reached 6 months.  Then you can catch Elgin closer to 10ish months at his Uncle Steven's wedding.  We did not get to do his first birthday together as his family moved to California for his Daddy's doctoral program.  This man loves hanging out on my blog and I am glad to have him back on it!!

Elgin is really into trains so what better place than Pullen Park!  
He was so very excited to see the train that he was going to get to ride...

NAS_1372 copy

The train driver saw just how excited Elgin was and thought he would enjoy "driving".

NAS_1378 copy

Elgin instructing his mommy, Alecia, to have a seat right beside him.

NAS_1383 copy

NAS_1395 copy

Elgin had his daddy, Tripp, help him inspect the engine.

NAS_1472 copy

NAS_1519 copy

NAS_1523 copy

After a satisfying train ride, Elgin decided to take a journey... to find another train?

NAS_1859 copy

Elgin had a couple of other cheerleaders on hand that afternoon... Gpops and Grammy!

NAS_1916 copy

Don't worry, right after I snapped this of Elgin ALMOST 
getting that flower in his mouth, Alecia got it out!

NAS_2425 copy

NAS_2466 copy

NAS_2482 copy

Elgin was so thrilled with all the things to see that he was still checking stuff out in mid-air.

NAS_2493 copy

NAS_2546 copy

NAS_2543 copy

Another favorite=trucks!

NAS_2715 copy

NAS_2569 copy

NAS_2778 copy

NAS_2728 copy

NAS_2745 copy

The fabulous Grammy and Gpops make an appearance :)

NAS_2914 copy

Fuller Family!  It was so great to get to photograph you all again.  I wish we were close enough to do it all the time.  Like I said, I will let you fly me to California any time :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love love love it!!!!!!!!
Honestly it may be more that Elgin has more facial emotions now, but I think this is my favorite batch of pictures EVER!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing and you never cease to amaze me! Can't wait for the CD now and to once again decorate my home with your handy work!!!
Love you and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!

studio 310 said...

these are fun, and they look great. great job ashley.

Tripp said...

wow. you are awesome.