Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Story: Kimbrell Family

It has been so exciting getting to do newborn baby shoots!  I was thrilled when someone bought a newborn shoot as a gift (dont forget we have awesome gift cards!).  Sissy is such a sweet Mom and her kids are beautiful!  Lillie was so laid back and Mac was loving the chance to ham it up for the camera. 

Look at those eyes... I think Lillie was trying to have a conversation with me.

NAS_5885 copy

Hanging out on a quilt that Lillie's great-grandma made.

NAS_5911 copy

It's only for a few years that belly buttons are this cute and exciting.

NAS_5973 copy

NAS_6002 copy

"I have a question..."

NAS_6050 copy

NAS_6056 copy

NAS_6063 copy

Again, it is only for a short time space that wrinkles are this cute and sparse hair is precious.

NAS_6082 copy

Big brother Mac patiently awaiting his turn to join the fun.

NAS_6099 copy

We decided to head to the backyard with Mac.  Notice that green sticker?  
It's a dinosaur egg that Mac wanted Lillie to wear for the pictures.

NAS_6110 copy

NAS_6120 copy

NAS_6154 copy

NAS_6159 copy

NAS_6172 copy

NAS_6179 copy

NAS_6215 copy

This is probably my favorite moment from the entire shoot...

NAS_6236 copy

NAS_6256 copy

NAS_6263 copy

NAS_6274 copy

I invited Sissy to jump in a shot with the kids at the end, and I love that she did not even hesitate at the chance to be in a picture with her beautiful children.

NAS_6300 copy

Sissy, Mac and Lillie-  I had such an awesome time hanging out with the three of you!  I know that your Daddy is going to love some of these for Father's Day :)  Hope we can do this again!


Anonymous said...

So so very precious...
love the picture of lillie laying on mac's tummy! oh one day maybe someday down the road...elgin might just be able to...okay need to stop there! anyways, love it Ashley!

studio 310 said...

cute cute. my favorites are the ones with all the little toes.

Lydia said...

I love these! The pictures in their rooms are my favorites!

Sissy Kimbrell said...

Wow. Ashely... that's all I can say. Thank you so much for your time and THANK YOU PAM!!! This is such a blessing to our family. You truly have a gift.