Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trash-the-Dress: Chase... Again!

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At the first time Chase trashed her dress, I did not have a single other bride who would consider the idea.  As we were walking out of the field after the shoot, Chase marveled at how she did not have a thing wrong with her dress!  Right then and there we decided that when things warmed up we were going to toss Chase in the water with that gorgeous dress on.  Now I have a hand full of brides who can't wait to head to the beach (or other various destinations) to trash their dresses!  There is debate over which fabulously famous photographer came up with the concept- regardless I thank them both for starting such a fun trend!!  I will trash mine one day and it will be glorious....

Steven and Chase were brave enough to trash Chase's dress on their way out of town one morning last week.  Typically I am not up and ready for a shoot at this point in the morning- let's just say I would rather stay up late- but I was so ready for this!  After a failed attempt at using Yates Mill (thanks to all the Facebook suggestions- the mill had flooded so it was closed) we headed down to Lake Wheeler.  PERFECT.  Only a few people were out fishing, no one on the beach and the docks were fairly empty.  

I can't imagine how strange it must feel to put something you spent so much time and money into protecting, into lake water.  Don't you love art??

NAS_3171 copy

NAS_3246 copy

NAS_3279 copy

NAS_3304 copy

NAS_3309 copy

NAS_3315 copy

NAS_3374 copy

NAS_3333 copy

NAS_3420 copy

Giddy and ready to do it again!

NAS_3448 copy

NAS_3477 copy

By now Chase was a pro at jumping off and swimming back to shore in that heavy dress.
Steven wanted in on the action and was so excited he forgot their 
plan to look at each other when they jumped. :)

NAS_3503 copy

NAS_3551 copy

NAS_3566 copy

NAS_3582 copy

NAS_3586 copy

NAS_3594 copy

NOTE: Veils in the water are swirly and pretty.  
Once they are wet and out of the water however, they are much like saran wrap...

NAS_3625 copy

Now the shoot just gets funny.
Steven is a minister and thought it would be cute to baptize Chase.


Chase thought it would be funny to run through the ducks and geese... 
instead the ducks and geese thought it would be funny to run into the water towards Chase. 

NAS_3747 copy

Chase and Steven--- that was so much fun!  Thanks for setting the bar high for my first water trash-the-dress... I am looking forward to our snow TTD session.  Gotta get some snow in NC first...


Chase said...

OH MY GOSH LET'S DO IT AGAIN! I can't believe you posted these already, I was like shaking when I saw your status update on facebook. Love love love it. Can't wait to see all of them:)

studio 310 said...

so much fun!! i love two of them especially--the first one that you're shooting from above. i like that you can see her hands and feet and details of her dress. and the one of her back with the veil on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I love these...
I really want to trash my dress (Like we talked about before) but I can't seem to fit into the dern thing...
so much for a body after baby!!! love it Ashley, you did an amazing job!

jinglchelle said...

these are awesome!! great job ashley :)

jemmessica said...

LOVE THEM! this makes me want to do boudoir AND BRIDALS every year!

encouragement to keep me in shape :-)

the.indie.image said...

i can't believe i didn't see that you had posted these!!! haha. looks like so much fun! I like the ones of her in just the water from above i think best!

Emily (Waggoner) Dunkle said...

WOW.... wedding dresses + lake water = true beauty! Who knew!

Great job!!!