Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Story: Dana and Kyle

Dana and Kyle got married on a bright and gorgeous summery day in Kyle's Mom's yard.  The ceremony and reception had such a comfortable and inviting feel to them- everyone had such an awesome time!  It didn't hurt that Dana and Kyle just happen to know and be related to REALLY fun people!

Kyle getting ready...


NAS_1453 copy

The flower girl helping Dana get ready :)

NAS_1415 copy

DRT_8974 copy

The flower girl was pleased with her transformation!

NAS_1625 copy

NAS_1867 copy

Pre-ceremony girls toast time!

NAS_1976 copy

Time for Dana and her Dad to head to the ceremony...

NAS_2211 copy


NAS_2292 copy


NAS_2417 copy

Some moments alone before the party begins...

NAS_2748 copy

NAS_2848 copy

NAS_2860 copy

Back at the reception people started eating and relaxing- 
David caught this crazy shot of a guest playing horseshoes.


Kyle is a man after my own heart and doesn't like cake... but DOES like cheesecake.

NAS_3060 copy

Each table had a different homemade cake on in- the people loved it.

NAS_3397 copy

Speaking of cake...

NAS_3311 copy


NAS_2990 copy

After the toasts were made Kyle's grandma yelled out- "Make me a grand-baby tonight!"
This was the running joke all day was that grandma wants a grandchild.

NAS_3653 copy

First dance under a gorgeous tree and surrounded by beautiful friends and family.

NAS_3725 copy

Cupid Shuffle.

NAS_4400 copy

Getting creative after the sun goes down...

NAS_4725 copy

NAS_4846 copy

NAS_4878 copy

Dana and Kyle- Your day could not have been more gorgeous.  While it was a tad warm ;) everyone seemed to have a fabulous time enjoying the awesome food and fun music.  We hope you are having a great time settling into your new place!


Casey Ruey said...

Do you have contact info, I can't find anything when I try to look you up.

Ashley and David said...

Hey Casey :) On the side bar we show that our website is storyphotographers.com- there you can send us an email if through the website OR you can email us at storyphotographers(at)gmail.com

Thanks for checking in!