Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Story: Dawn and Stephen

As I write this blog David is packing for our trip to the beach this weekend.  The craziest part is that this trip does not involve photo-shoots or a wedding.  We are going FOR FUN!  Wahooo!  As soon as we come back we still have plenty to blog, do not fret about that!

Dawn and Stephen had a wedding that was truly reflective of their personalities.  The ceremony was in Dawn's parent's backyard overlooking a dreamy lake.  Following that, their reception was at Camp Rockfish where Dawn and Stephen have both worked summers in the past.  It was a laid back gorgeous day and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

NAS_7208 copy

I am currently obsessed with hydrangeas... luckily so is the wedding industry.

NAS_7330 copy

It has been reported that everyone that works at Camp Rockfish wears Chacos, 
so ofcourse this was the bride's shoe of choice-- and they are comfy!

NAS_7220 copy

The bridesmaids noticed that in all of Dawn's childhood pictures she was rocking the side bow.
They decided to rock it as well... so I rocked the prom-style porch picture to match.

NAS_7443 copy

NAS_7474 copy

Meanwhile the guys are working it out over at the camp.


DRT_6930 copy

It's safe to say this man was excited to get married.


A sweet card will get the bride every time.

NAS_7543 copy

The boys arrived at the house and we had to put them somewhere so we could do the girl pictures outside.  I LOVED this idea to have Stephen walk through the room with Dawn in it...

NAS_7513 copy

I had the ladies looking over the water and told them to turn around and give me sassy.
This seemed to translate the same across the board!

NAS_7630 copy

Those girls might do sassy well, but really they are just a bunch of sweethearts!
They shared a beautiful prayer time with Dawn right before the ceremony.

NAS_7714 copy

Checking out the crowd before walking down the aisle!

NAS_7791 copy

NAS_7960 copy

NAS_8165 copy

A very cool bridge near Dawn's house that overlooks the dam... 
and represents Dawn's Campbell Camel pride :)

NAS_8567 copy

First dance under the awesome parachute they used as a tent for the reception.

NAS_9043 copy

The precious flower girl danced her heart out... then took a break.

NAS_9558 copy

NAS_9701 copy

Dawn and Stephen snuck away from the party for awhile to get pictures around camp.  
This place is gorgeous!!

NAS_0458 copy

NAS_0507 copy

NAS_0603 copy

I am a sucker for all things celestial.

NAS_0729 copy

They had fireworks before the sparkler send off!!



Dawn and Stephen, thank you so much for bringing us into the celebration that was your wedding day!  Your family and friends (that seem like family as well) were so sweet and loving- we felt like we had known them all forever.  Hope you had a fabulous vacation on your honeymoon!


Anonymous said...

I have been anxiously waiting for these wonderful photos! Thank you so much for capturing our story. By the way, our friends and family thought you were pretty great too!

studio 310 said...

awesome. i love the lines on the orange bridge and the parachute. all the couple stuff is great too.

jinglchelle said...

i love these ashley! (as usual) :)

Anonymous said...

The photos are truly a wonderful reflection of such a sweet event. It was fun watching you guys watching the wedding activities for just the "right shot". Your success is in the viewing.