Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Story: Lauren and Jason

David and I had the hardest time picking which pictures to put up on the blog.  So, since we have been a teeny bit slack about posting this week we decided to post a ton from Lauren and Jason's fabulous wedding day in Southern Pines/Pinehurst!

Lauren and Jason's day was big- 20 wedding party members, gorgeous church, 350+ guests, rustic-chic barn for the reception, 60 dozen cupcakes, etc.  It was all awesome!  David and I stayed on our toes all day long capturing the crazyfun.

Thanks Kelly (one of Lauren's bridesmaids) for sending Lauren our way!

NAS_6314 copy

NAS_6326 copy

Lauren kept that smile on her face all day long!

NAS_6404 copy

Mom and Maid of Honor getting Lauren into the dress...

NAS_6450 copy

NAS_6495 copy

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NAS_6648 copy

While the girls got ready at the church, 
Jason and his guys were at a lake house near by workin' it for David.

DRT_0486 copy

DRT_0544 copy

DRT_0750 copy

I hear David had to get a little wet to get this one... I think it was worth it.

DRT_0627 copy

DRT_0764 copy


DRT_1005 copy

After the ceremony we stopped at a historic train station to do some fun group shots.  As I was setting up a shot someone looked down the tracks and yelled "I see lights coming towards us!"  So we improvised till the train passed :) 

NAS_7545 copy

NAS_7554 copy

NAS_7594 copy

NAS_7647 copy

They are sodarncute together!

NAS_7674 copy

They had a sweet 1930s Model T to drive around in- it even had yellow tires that matched the wedding party colors!  You can also pick me out in this shot :)

NAS_7696 copy

The Fair Barn in Pinehurst was such an awesome location- people ask me what my favorite reception locations are and this is up there in the top 3!

NAS_7723 copy

NAS_8228 copy

NAS_8245 copy

First dance as husband and wife...

DRT_1249 copy

Lauren's dance with her Dad...

DRT_1313 copy

DRT_1404 copy

Jason's brother toast the bride and groom.

DRT_1466 copy

Lauren's sorority sisters singing to her :)

DRT_1503 copy

Sibling Dance

NAS_9075 copy

Soulja Boy must understand that their first song looks hilarious to photograph... now their second, "Stanky Leg", looks pretty crazy as well.

NAS_9333 copy

DRT_1618 copy

Lauren and Jason- We had such a blast covering all the beautiful details of your day!  It all went so smoothly and came out gorgeous.  We hope that you had a fabulous honeymoon and that your move goes smoothly!!

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The stanky leg picture is AWESOME!