Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Engagement Story: Natalie and Tim

I have been driving all over the place the past few days!  Sunday I headed to the western part of the state to meet Natalie and Tim for their engagement session in Hickory.  I don't know how they lucked out- it was like 79 degrees and gorgeous in the middle of July!  

Natalie and Tim were so cute and fun to work with!  It's a shame I have to wait a whole year to shoot their wedding.  It will be worth it!  They took me to an awesome park in Hickory, rich with a personal history of class field trips and prom pictures.  We started off the shoot with their furry babies...

NAS_3395 copy

NAS_3385 copy

NAS_3370 copy

NAS_3377 copy

We returned to the scene of those infamous prom pictures...

NAS_3502 copy

NAS_3544 copy

This bridge begins the path that took these two on field trips to study the marshy forest beside the park.  Since the severe drought a few years ago a large part of the path has been closed off and allowed to grow over where the water never fully returned.

NAS_3648 copy

NAS_3706 copy

Who doesn't love a little down time on the swings!?  This was a must-have for Natalie.

NAS_3851 copy

NAS_3882 copy

NAS_3893 copy

One of my favorites from the day...

NAS_3944 copy

NAS_3980 copy

NAS_4126 copy

NAS_4141 copy

Another favorite!  Love the laughs, love the colors.

NAS_4088 copy

NAS_4098 copy

NAS_4395 copy

NAS_4156 copy

NAS_4310 copy

As soon we heard the music of the ice-cream truck (actually it is a van) Natalie knew that was the perfect way to end the session...

NAS_4337 copy

NAS_4341 copy

NAS_4379 copy

Natalie and Tim-  It was so great to finally get to meet you :)  I had a blast with you guys.  So far your wedding sounds so awesome- I can't wait to hear about the plans as they progress!

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Lydia said...

as always, love the pictures... but really love the commentary!