Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Story: From the Mouths of 8 Year Olds...

Though we do mostly wedding related shoots this time of year, I still adore doing family shoots.  Little kids are so awesome and I adore getting to work with their spunky fun spirits.  A year ago I did a family shoot for the Helms Family (and my, have I grown in developing my style since then) around their yard at home.  

I spoke with Claire recently, the oldest of the three Helms kids, at the wise age of eight years old.  I just had to share with you what she said about her experience being photographed by me...

"You know why you're my favorite photographer Ms. Ashley?  You didn't make us sit in one spot for a really long time and then make us smile at you.  You let us smile at you on our own.  It was even fun!"*

helms197 copy

*(quote and picture posted with permission from Claire's Mom)

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