Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Story: Whitehouse/Suggs/Hollings Family

Where to start with this post?!  I have know various members of this family from different parts of my life- I even knew one member of this family before they were actually a part of the family!  The whole gang invited me down to invade their family vacation at Cherry Grove, SC to grab some shots on the beach...

So this was the whole crowd on vacation...

NAS_4724 copy

The connection between all these beautiful people start here- the Whitehouse Family.  I met Christina first when she and her husband started helping with the youth group I was a part of at church.  I fell in love with her immediately, seeing how we had so many things in common.

NAS_4814 copy

This is a much more accurate depiction of the family dynamics :)

NAS_4825 copy

Christina married Matt and they had precious Kara.

NAS_5513 copy

NAS_5523 copy

Occasionally I will tell kids to look into my lens and see if they can see the shutter open and close in order to get them to look at the camera.  
Occasionally this suggestion creates adorable pictures like this.

NAS_5589 copy

Al married Mary and they adopted Ryan.
Ryan does not like it when they kiss :) it's gross already!


Mary's Dad was brave enough to join the gang on this beach excursion.

NAS_4889 copy

Aren't you glad I cleared all that up for you?
The family at play...

NAS_4556 copy

NAS_4582 copy

NAS_4463 copy

NAS_4999 copy

NAS_5066 copy

SO many beautiful ladies...

NAS_5396 copy

NAS_5352 copy

And yes, there were handsome men as well...

NAS_5472 copy

NAS_5431 copy

Can't keep this group serious for long!

NAS_5501 copy

While Al was goofy for most of the shoot, 
I was SO thrilled to catch this moment between him and Ryan.


NAS_5645 copy

NAS_5664 copy

NAS_6087 copy

So much love!

NAS_6045 copy

NAS_5883 copy






NAS_5796 copy

Whitehouse/Suggs/Hollings Family:  I had the BEST time with you guys on the beach.  Thank you for opening up your fabulous beach home to me for dinner afterwards!  Can't wait to do this again!!


the.indie.image said...

aww great job Ashley. What a cute family(ies)

Al said...

I'll take the lot of them!!!! Ashley, I'm going to make it a mission of mine to be a constant source of advertisement. THIS WOMAN DOESN'T TAKE PICTURES SHE CREATES MEMORIES. Cheesy yes...accurate but cheesy. Thanks again Ashley!

cceeyore said...

awesome pics Ashley! you are truly amazing to get Al to look that good ... I mean, um ... love you Al!

c_w_s said...

I can't thank you enough, Ashley. The pictures you manage to capture are incredible. I only wish you and David both could've spent some time frolicking with us the rest of the week! :)

Paul said...

Beautiful other news, I'm stinkin' excited that Becca and I will be on this blog soon!!

Robin said...

Love this family! Love you-Do you have any time left in August or Sept for our crazy clan?

Anonymous said...
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