Thursday, July 2, 2009

Survey Winner!


No really.  Thanks to each of you that took the time to hop on over to this little survey and give me some info concerning the blog (even though the Target cards will already be given away, if you have not taken the survey yet you are welcome to head over that way).  It was so cool to hear your perspective- we know what we WANT our style to look like, we THINK we know what you want to see on the blog.  What better way to find out these things than to ask you directly.  I learned so much and have lots of new ideas now for the blog.  

The most popular answer to the question "What are some topics/things that you would like to see covered on the blog or hear more about on the blog?" was that you wanted to hear more about David and I personally.  As I look back on the history of the blog, I realize that I did that way more before September 2008- the month my Dad passed away.  I strive to be an honest, open person with people... I just was not sure how to share with you the irony of our life with our business booming and all the excitement that brings, against the tumultuous storm that has been raining on my family's life since my Dad took his life.  As the storm slowly starts to clear I know that I can safely share more about mine and David's life with you.  Whether you are a friend/photographer/client/family/whatever else I listed in the survey, you have shown me that you care about us.  I do not believe that bad things happen to us so we can learn from them, but I do hope that others can learn from our experiences.  

Whew!  Look, we're better friends already.

Now on to more exciting business... like who won the Target gift card?!?!  I decided to choose two people since you guys surpassed my expectations on how many of you would take the survey.  I wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper and David and I scientifically drew them out of a bag.  So the winners are.... 

Jennifer Wong and Josh Gurkin!

Jennifer and Josh, I will be contacting you about the best way to get your Target gift cards to you!  Thanks again everyone.  I will be doing more contests like this in the future so if you did not win this time, try again later!

Since posts are lame without pictures, here are a few from Beth and John's wedding of which I will be posting more tomorrow.  Be sure to come back to check them out.

EDIT: Isnt their cake adorable?!  The fabulous people at Sugar Confections created it and from what I hear it was amazing (I don't like cake-weird, I know)!

NAS_3799 copy

NAS_4874 copy

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amanda ruth said...

those two pics are perfect teasers....cant wait to see the rest!