Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedding Story: Beth and John

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When David and I met Beth and John before their wedding day to talk over details I knew this was going to be a fun easy going day.... perfect attributes for a beach wedding!  Beth and John wanted to keep things as easy and simple as possible, which turned out gorgeous.  

We were thrilled to head down to Ocean Isle to shoot this event at the gorgeous Isle's Restaurant.  It was raining when we got there which made everyone nervous, but 45 minutes before the ceremony it all cleared up and the sun even dared to come out.  I met up with Beth at the hotel while David found John hanging around the bar at the restaurant with family while counting down to the big moment.  

Beth's sister workin' it as the makeup artist.  
I have never had a more laid back bride 
get ready in such a short amount of time.  
I was truly impressed.

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John chatting with his Dad before heading out on the beach.

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Way cool steel drum guys setting the mood for the ceremony...

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The groom and his Dad watching the bride and her Dad walk down the boardwalk.

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Two thumbs up from John- one for a kiss another for being officially married!

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The sun started to turn golden as I snuck 
Beth and John away for some shots of just the two of them- yummy!

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Straight out of the box.

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Super cute idea- having the guests sign sand dollars...

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It was truly ladies night on the dance floor.  
From kids to grandmas, all ages of women were represented and having the best time ever!
It made my heart happy to see so many women just letting go and truly enjoying themselves.  
A few men dared to join the fun here and there... 

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Funky DJ lights...

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Last dance of the evening...

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... until the crowd begged the DJ to send them out with one more!  
So instead of sparklers/flower petals/etc, 
John and Beth were sent out to the whole crowd dancing around them.  
Here they have a dance moment with John's parents.

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Beth and John- Your wedding lived up to your description when we met :)  It was so laid back, filled with lots of fun and loving people- and lets not forgot the gorgeous beach!  We were so thrilled to be such a good match for your style.  

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the.indie.image said...

what a fun day! Love the shots on the beach.. great light!