Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Story: Jennifer and Dave

It is always fun to travel with my hubs to new places to do a shoot.  Lately it seems that we have booked several brides along the Virginia/North Carolina border.  Saturday we drove up to Lawrenceville, VA.  Jennifer and Dave came down to Raleigh for their engagement shoot, claiming there was nothing in their tiny town worth using in their shoot.  When we arrived in Lawrenceville I knew we would have plenty to work with.  I love discovering the character of each place we go to... observing the colors, textures, buildings and people.  

NAS_7830 copy

While the grown-ups were busy getting ready, the flower girls thought they 
should call Hannah Montana and let her know about the wedding.  
They told me they got her cell phone number off the internet.

NAS_8101 copy

I call this "Hot Ladies||Hot Car".
Confession: while doing the girl's pictures I sometimes use the word sassy.
Ok, sometimes I use it often.  
The flower girls loved that and said they were going to 
be sassy in every picture I took of them the rest of the day

NAS_7877 copy

The guys arrive and also discover the smokin' hot car...

DRT_5187 copy

On the way into town we saw this house that had caught on fire and 
David (photographer) knew he had to get the guys back out there.  
Little did he know, Dave (groom) is a firefighter and had worked on that house himself.

DRT_5324 copy

DRT_5254 copy

Jennifer waiting for the doors to be opened to enter the ceremony...

NAS_8249 copy

A prayer over the mixing of sands...

NAS_8346 copy

NAS_8413 copy


NAS_8400 copy

The fire truck made an appearance for picture time.  LOVE it.

NAS_8599 copy

We headed to the main street area to grab some shots of the newly married couple alone.
I usually tell couples to enjoy the quiet and calm of these moments before they hit the party at the reception... the night flies by after that!

DRT_5702 copy

LOVE the downtown skyline.

NAS_8725 copy

NAS_8755 copy

We had lots of red to work with ...

NAS_8792 copy

NAS_8811 copy

Arrival at the party!

NAS_8841 copy

NAS_8850 copy

NAS_8923 copy

DRT_5780 copy

Dancing with the parents :)

NAS_9009 copy

NAS_9054 copy

NAS_9130 copy

NAS_9698 copy

Just playing with the DJ's lights...

NAS_0083 copy

NAS_0452 copy

Had to cross the fire line to escape!

NAS_0470 copy

NAS_0486 copy

Jennifer and Dave- You two are some of the sweetest people we've gotten to work with!!  You have been so amazing to go out of your way to care for us as we captured your beautiful day.  Hope the trip to Tennessee was relaxing and fun!


Rebecca said...

Great work Ashley and David! It's so awesome to have been at an event captured here on your blog! You guys are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I saw yall taking pictures of people dancing. Did you happen to post them?