Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Story: Meaghan and Scott

DRT_6526 copy

It's a busy weekend/week for Story Photographers- and we LOVE it :)  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are up to!

Meaghan and Scott's wedding was gorgeous- scenic venue,  classy colors and clothes, contemporary details, amazing people!!   Their gorgeous day took place at The Barn at Valhalla, an awesome place with tons of character and great people to work with.  

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Let me tell you about Tamra Wade
 This girl was not only a fabulous wedding planner- she also put together all of the flower arrangements and created much of the decor details seen through out the day.  
She was awesome! 

NAS_1109 copy

NAS_0607 copy

Aren't Meaghan's eyes gorgeous?!

NAS_0695 copy

Last minute "I love you"s from Meaghan's sweet bridesmaids and 
bridesman before walking down the aisle.

NAS_1162 copy

Let's not forget Scott and his people...

DRT_7062 copy

DRT_7078 copy

NAS_1583 copy

Meaghan's parents walk her down the walkway- 
and here she lays eyes on her handsome groom!

NAS_1297 copy

NAS_1406 copy

NAS_1349 copy

Something special about this one...

NAS_1725 copy

These two share so many sweet laughs together.  
Meaghan has a smile that she only gives to Scott- how sweet is that?!

NAS_1742 copy

NAS_1763 copy

NAS_1771 copy

DRT_7518 copy

NAS_1786 copy

See?  Only Scott could get that smile out of her :)

NAS_1814 copy

First dance to some romantic live music.

NAS_1934 copy

Super trendy-super cute.

NAS_1871 copy

NAS_2112 copy


NAS_2190 copy

NAS_2199 copy

NAS_2548 copy

The newlyweds getting toasted by their bridal party- sweet words spoken.

NAS_2598 copy

Meaghan and Scott's people adopted David and I right away.  Meaghan's cousin and bridesman even wanted a photo-op with us!  Check out my awesome sweated-all-day hair.  Like that?!

NAS_3242 copy

NAS_2955 copy

Sigh- I am such a sucker for some twinkle lights.

Meaghan and Scott-  Your wedding day was so classy, fun and personal.  It really reflected your style, your personalities- and thank you for choosing us to be a part of it!  Hope you have settled in to your new apartment and are loving it!


Lydia said...

Pictures are great :) Loved her wedding ring... so unique.

cicelyandtony said...

Pix look great! Tony and I found out about you through Meaghan and Scott's site. Can't wait until 8.8.2009 when you shoot our e-party. OK. Sorry for stalking y'all....

Anonymous said...

i personally LOVE the sweated-all-day hair!

great the ring shots!

the.indie.image said...

lovely! I like the ring shots a lot!!