Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Story: Tina and Tim

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I tell you no lie- I went into this wedding feeling the pressure.  How could you ignore that the bride's major in college was photography?!   There is nothing about Tina and Tim that made me feel pressure- they are the nicest people.  Everyone that knows them seems to think so.  These two are truly respected and loved by their friends and family.  No pressure there :)

Little did David and I know, 
Tina and Tim both got ready in front of several maps (church's decor).
We found out at the reception that these two have travelled all over the world- 
the maps were appropriate.

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Because Tina and Tim love pictures so much, they opted to see each other before the ceremony so they had more time to take pictures at a more scenic location of their choice.

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Tina told me before the wedding day that she and Tim love sunflare and jumping pictures.
Done and Done.

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If you are going to do formal family pictures, 
why not bring them outside under such a gorgeous tree?!

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This is the face of a man who has caught sight of his bride coming down the aisle!

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Tina, Tim and all their children (!?)

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There was an awesome Greek buffet- which is where they are headed to on their honeymoon.
Instead of a traditional wedding cake they chose to serve Chinese Egg Tarts- yum!
Let me also note that Tina painted their wooden cake topping people herself.


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The reception was filled with warm toasts, a slideshow, the newlywed game, 
eating, and lots of dancing!  Tina had an outfit change for the toasts- 
she and Tim expressed their love and appreciation to the guests.

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Another outfit change was in order for their first dance.  
On the list entitled "Tina and Tim's Favorite Things", 
dancing is listed somewhere near jumping pictures.  
These two were awesome!!

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David wowed me and impressed me like this all day long...

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Off to Greece for two weeks!

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Tina and Tim:  It is so clear why so many people look up to you and cherish their relationships with you.  You two were so great to work with- nothing seemed to wipe those smiles off your faces all day long.  We hope you had an awesome trip!


jennifer wong said...

ashley and david, these pictures look great!! i can't wait to see the rest! :) i hope you guys had fun at the wedding and it was nice to finally meet you! i just wish it wasn't all so hectic so we could chat a bit. oh well, such are wedding days huh? perhaps in the future :)

Trudy said...

These photos are AMAZING!!! you guys did an awesome job, and we had a lot of fun with you! thanks so much!!!

Emily Cochran said...

they are too cute!

the.indie.image said...

what a cute wedding! Great job you two!

Erica said...

oh WOW these photos captured everything I loved about the wedding!! Tim and Tina are lucky to have photographers like you two. Good job :)

Leslie said...

love the pics! you make ordinary settings turn extraordinary!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tina you are so beautiful and these pictures are just amazing. I can't pick a favorite, although the big pic on the sofa is really art and the bubble pic is amazing. I'm so sorry we couldn't be there, but these pics help tremendously! love you! -donna mann