Friday, August 28, 2009

Engagement Story: Allison and Scott

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Once upon a time Scott and Allison went on their first date to Helios.
They had a wonderful time sharing about their life stories, dreams and goals across the table.


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Allison and Scott fell in love... and so the transformation happened where they were no longer sharing coffee across the table.  No way.  Sharing coffee snuggled up to one another became much more preferable.  And then they decided to marry in September 2009... and I am confident that they will live happily ever after.

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I will hop out of fancy story telling mode and go back to Ashley story telling mode :)
I love it when couples have specific, special places that they like to incorporate into their shoots somehow.  Helios was a perfect place to use in the shoot!

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Scott is an architect and mentioned his love of lines, shapes, etc.  
I let the love for lines be my guide as we did the downtown Raleigh portion of their shoot...

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Back in June when I put out the blog survey, I asked what did you want to see on the blog.  
A few of you wrote that you would like to see before and after- the shot before my work in photoshop and then after.  The following pictures are an example of that.  
The first shot is right out of the camera.  The second is after some love in photoshop.


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NAS_7708 copy

NAS_7742 copy

These two took formal dance lessons for their reception.  
Why not practice in the middle of the street with threatening storm clouds overhead?!

NAS_7779 copy

Luckily we were headed in the opposite direction of those dark clouds to Preston Country Club in Cary.  This is where Scott and Allison will get married in a week!
These two are also golf players (Allison's family is big into golf as well) so they knew they had to grab some shots on the green :)

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NAS_7884 copy

NAS_7987 copy

NAS_7936 copy

Allison totally knows how to putt- I think Scott just wanted some more snuggle time :)
If you are a guy dreading your engagement session, dread it no more.  
I mean, come on, you get to snuggle and smooch on your hot fiance'!

NAS_8010 copy

LOVE these next few...

NAS_8062 copy

NAS_8071 copy

NAS_8094 copy

NAS_8103 copy

Scott and Allison- I had so much fun running around Raleigh and Cary with you two!  Your wedding is right around the corner and I am thrilled that David and I get to be a part of it!!


Lauren D. said...

Pretending to teach her how to putt = precious. Excellent pictures! As always, I love each one. I'm curious where they took formal dance lessons...

Lauren D. said...

Ohh yeah, and I really liked seeing the before & after editing!

Mip said...

Our first date was at Helios too! :)
Great pictures as always Ashley.