Friday, August 21, 2009

Engagement Story: Cicely and Tony

Cicely, here it is!  Your engagement party blog post!  

Cicely is a faithful blog stalker and has been wearing out the refresh on her browser until her post pops up :)  I love that kind of dedication!  I also loved getting to shoot Cicely and Tony's engagement party at Mansion 462 on Franklin Street.  I had heard that Cicely had fabulous style and she brought it when it came to this party.  

NAS_6001 copy

We snuck out to grab a few shots before the party got started--they looked awesome!!
I am also in love with Cicely's dimple.

NAS_5797 copy


NAS_5844 copy

HAD to get Cicely to show off those hot party shoes :)

NAS_5871 copy

Cicely's choice of dress color was a hint of what was to come in the decor that evening- 
and even the signature drink or the evening was hot pink!

NAS_5921 copy

NAS_5723 copy

NAS_5923 copy

Tony's Mom giving him a snuggly hug...

NAS_5912 copy

NAS_5996 copy

NAS_6076 copy

NAS_6471 copy

Men of all ages are always compelled to show off their muscles when put in front of a camera!

NAS_6478 copy

A fabulous band kept things moving that evening-- I believe Tony's cousin took his turn on stage, without prior rehearsing or planning, and was awesome!!

NAS_6174 copy

NAS_6083 copy

The engaged couple danced together and that got everyone on their feet!

NAS_6110 copy

NAS_6112 copy

NAS_6133 copy

NAS_6364 copy

While the band took a break the DJ offered some music and the ladies soul-trained in response.

NAS_6288 copy

Tony's Mom got in on the action...

NAS_6302 copy

This girl was loving the camera during her turn- totally sassy and I heart that.

NAS_6298 copy

NAS_6299 copy

Mother/son dance!

NAS_6459 copy

NAS_6451 copy

Lots of sassy shoes in the house!!

NAS_6449 copy

Cicely and Tony- Thanks again for having us out to shoot your oh-so-fabulous engagement party!  Hope you all had a blast at the party :)  Also hope that the wedding planning continues to go well for you!


Anonymous said...
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Fly Chick said...

Beautiful! Those shoes were HOT!! You two make a beautiful couple!

hillary said...

that is a lady who knows how to rock the crap out of some hot pink.